The Second Coming of Gluttony
Side Story 37. Penalty
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The Second Coming of Gluttony
Author :FudgeNouget
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Side Story 37. Penalty

A yellow, fist-sized bird was walking down the streets of Eva.


But there was something wrong with the way he walked. He was staggering left and right and was clearly drunk. Even his tiny beak was tinged with pink.

The bird was Little Chick.

Not long ago, he set out on a journey, dreaming of a rosy future. But now, he was full of distress.

“I’m… trash….”

A voice full of regret slipped out of his small beak.

Not long into his journey, Little Chick came upon Hui, a kind, white bird with plentiful feathers on her chest, with whom he fell in love. He was glad to have finally met his soulmate.

But that was before he met a red-feathered bird named Ra. Her bold, hot-headed personality caught Little Chick’s eyes, and he found himself attracted to her as he learned more about her warmer, friendlier side over time.

He made a mistake. It was fun while it lasted, but once he finished indulging in Ra’s fluffy feathers, a wave of regret washed over him. Little Chick couldn’t believe that he had ruined his future with Hui with his own hands.

Surprisingly, however, Hui forgave him with incredible generosity. She even accepted his relationship with Ra. “What’s done is done,” she said.

Little Chick vowed to himself to never make the same mistake again.

…But he did it again yesterday.

He did feel a little cheated by what had happened, but he admitted it was no use crying over spilled milk and that he was at fault for breaking his promise to Hui.

He was naive and careless. Having spent his entire life on the front line, he was defenseless against the seduction of a pretty pink bird called Re.

His heart sank when he opened his eyes in the morning and saw Re chirping beside him.

He couldn’t stay with Re, but he was too ashamed to go back to Hui and Ra. Little Chick wandered about for a while before finally setting course for Eva.

He knew he could rely on Seol Jihu no matter what.


Ring! Little Chick called loudly as he opened the door of Seol Jihu’s restaurant.

“Partner! Where is my partner?”

As soon as he entered the restaurant, he saw Seol Jihu’s back.

Tears began to well up in Little Chick’s pea-sized eyes.

Suddenly, the times when they fought alongside each other, flashed through his mind.

Back then, Seol Jihu and Little Chick shined brighter than the stars in the sky.

How had he gone from that to this?

“Partner! You need to listen to m—”

Little Chick paused without finishing his sentence.

Something was wrong with Seol Jihu. He wasn’t looking back, even though there was no way he couldn’t have heard Little Chick.

Little Chick then realized Seol Jihu was on his knees, as was the woman next to him.

The atmosphere was cold and frigid.

Little Chick, who slowly lifted his eyes….


…Gasped in horror at the sight of the woman sitting in the chair opposite the pair.

‘What the? Why is….’

A pair of pea-sized eyes quickly glanced about the room.

Little Chick gulped. He immediately understood what was going on.

Of course, he couldn’t quite figure out the details just by looking, but it was still clear to him that his partner was in a similar position as himself.

‘I should help him.’

Little Chick thought. He wanted to defend Seol Jihu, perhaps because he saw himself in his partner.

However, contrary to his intentions, he started backing away—because he was scared.

The woman in the chair was no longer the Seo Yuhui he knew. She was a demon, wearing only the mask of Seo Yuhui. Little Chick honestly thought she looked stronger and scarier than any opponent he had ever faced in his life.

Ring! The door opened and closed again.

‘I’m sorry, Partner! Please forgive me…!’

Little Chick ran away, scattering his tears in the air.

As soon as he left, silence once again descended in the restaurant.


Suddenly, a long sigh broke out.

Seo Yuhui, who had been incessantly rubbing her temples, slowly opened her eyes.

Seol Jihu and Teresa continued kneeling before her, with guilty looks on their faces.

There were spots of kimchi juice scattered on Teresa’s cheek from when Seo Yuhui slapped her with cabbage kimchi when the princess foolishly provoked her by announcing that she would “willingly accept any kind of punishment.”

Teresa looked up at the sound of a sigh, but when her eyes met Seo Yuhui’s, she quickly lowered her head once again. That icy glare was enough to intimidate even the Princess of Haramark, famous for her audacity.

Phi Sora, who had been silently watching them from the sidelines, clicked her tongue.

‘Miss Seo Yuhui…. She’s no joke….’

Seo Yuhui, who had been glaring at Teresa, shifted her eyes to Seol Jihu, who kept his head down.

She looked at him with both love and hatred in her heart.

The two emotions clashed violently inside her, but in the end, love triumphed.


Seol Jihu slowly raised his head.

His face was dark with shame and guilt.

Seo Yuhui sighed again.

“Come here.”

Seol Jihu blinked, doubting his ears.

Seo Yuhui clenched her teeth.

“It’s okay. Come here.”

Seol Jihu glanced at Teresa before turning his gaze back to Seo Yuhui. He stood up and began to approach her very slowly.

His hesitation must have instilled pity in Seo Yuhui, for she opened her arms and embraced him.

“You were scared, right?”


“It’s okay. Everything’s okay. You did nothing wrong.”

Seol Jihu had no doubt that she would break up with him this time. The unexpected hug brought tears to his eyes.

“It’s okay. Let’s just forget about yesterday, all right? Think of it like this. A passing dog bit you. Or you stepped on poop.”

Teresa, who suddenly became a passing dog and poop, looked at them bitterly.

“My Jihu’s done nothing wrong. You’re just a victim. The perpetrator is the one at fault.”

Seo Yuhui looked at Teresa as she gently stroked Seol Jihu’s back.

More precisely, she glared at Teresa with a look full of contempt.

“Miss Teresa.”

“…Yes. Yes!”

Teresa immediately straightened her posture.

“Is the entire royal family of Haramark behind this? I just want to confirm.”

“Pardon? N-No!”

Startled by the question, Teresa quickly shook her head from left to right and back again. The truth was—yes, they were all in cahoots, but she couldn’t risk being honest.

“That’s good. At least.”

Teresa had an ominous premonition the moment she heard the words at least.

“About yesterday.”

And her premonition….

“I’ll file a formal complaint with Haramark.”

…Soon proved correct.

“You’re wrong if you thought I’d let this slide. I’ll inform Valhalla, the Temple of Luxuria, and the other organizations throughout Paradise of your wrongdoing. And I’ll issue a statement calling for Teresa Hussey’s punishment. I hope you’re ready.”

In short, Seo Yuhui was determined to make Teresa pay.

The princess’ expression fell.

“What’s with that look? Did you really think I’d accept you after what you did?”


Perplexed, Teresa glanced at Phi Sora, who was standing behind Seo Yuhui. Why can she but not me? Her face seemed to say.

Seo Yuhui let out a chuckle of disdain.

“Miss Phi Sora is different. Both of them made a mistake while drunk.”

“I also—”

“No. I won’t hear it.”

Seo Yuhui cut her off coldly.

“You raped the hero who saved Paradise. Don’t you think you deserve a punishment for that?”


“Yes. Rape. You deliberately took him to Earth, tricked him, and forced yourself on him, even though he refused and even cried. No other word can describe what you did.”

Her argument was logical.

“I think that’s going too far….”

Teresa muttered in a voice just barely above a whisper.

“Oh, really?”

Seo Yuhui scoffed.

“Should we conduct a thorough investigation, then? I don’t even need to hire an archer. All I have to do is make a Divine Wish.”

Teresa shut her mouth, and her face paled. She hadn’t expected Seo Yuhui to go that far.

“Never be mistaken to think that there’s a place for you under this roof. Marriage? I won’t allow it even if you offer the entire kingdom of Haramark as your dowry.”

“I-I’m sorry!”

Teresa, who finally realized the gravity of the situation, cried urgently.

“Just leave. I don’t want to see you anymore. I hope you know that it’s only for old times’ sake that you’re walking out of here in one piece.”

But Seo Yuhui was adamant.

“I’m sorry!”

“I said, leave.”


“I’m not your Unni. And, I warn you, if you don’t leave within 10 seconds, you’ll witness the birth of the new Parasite Queen.”

Her threat of war frightened Teresa.

At last, she retreated with a face full of shame but then heaved a sigh of relief as soon as she stepped outside.

She had expected as much. Seol Jihu and Seo Yuhui weren’t the types to actually kill her, and she planned to lay low until one day she was given another chance.

‘Still, Miss Seo Yuhui… she really was scary.’

Phi Sora left shortly after Teresa, and now there were only two people left in the restaurant.

Seo Yuhui stared silently at Seol Jihu sobbing with his head pressed against her knees.

She already knew more or less what had happened. She knew he tried his best to keep his promise. He tried to refrain from drinking and even prepared hangover remedies beforehand.

The problem was that this incident took place on Earth and not Paradise.

All Earthlings lost their abilities and settings as soon as they set foot on Earth. Seol Jihu, who reached the state of Divine Beginning, was no exception to this rule.

‘I was too naive.’

Seo Yuhui blamed herself.

“I’m sorry.”


“I should’ve gone with you when you asked… I should’ve been by your side….”


“But you also should’ve been more careful. I already told you this is way beyond your control.”

Seol Jihu still looked dejected. This day had been traumatic for him. Not only did he seem discouraged, but he was also resigned.

Seo Yuhui smacked her lips for a while before suddenly clenching her fists.

“We can’t let this be.”

She finally spoke after a long silence.

“Jihu. I know this wasn’t your fault, but I think you should still receive a penalty.”

Seol Jihu raised his eyes slightly.

“Today’s events have made me realize that this isn’t a matter of whether I trust you or not. No, actually, it is, and I can’t trust you.”

Seo Yuhui continued.

“Fate or not, she crossed the line. How could she do such a thing?”


“I respect your decisions, but this is different. I hope you’ll do as I say. It’s for your own sake.”

Seol Jihu closed his eyes slowly. How could he say no?


He finally managed to mutter.

“I’ll do as you say….”



“Are you sure?”

Seo Yuhui asked again.

“You won’t take it back or regret it or hate me later?”

Just what penalty was she thinking of? Seol Jihu couldn’t help worrying but nevertheless nodded. As the old saying went—losers must remain silent, for they have lost the right to discuss strategies. And Seol Jihu had just lost to fate.

“I’m sure. I’ll take whatever you give me. I’ll do it for us.”

Seol Jihu declared resolutely.

“All right, if you say so.”

Seo Yuhui helped Seol Jihu up.

“Let’s go to the temple.”


“Yes. I’ll explain on the way. Oh, you still have a lot of wishes left, right?”

The pair set out, holding hands with each other.

Moments later….


Gula asked back in shock.


Kim Hannah had been extremely busy lately. Thanks to Seol Jihu and his victory over Beauty Vivian, the business was flourishing now more than ever. Of course, that didn’t mean she was negligent in her work in Paradise.


As she was sorting through the papers, Kim Hannah glanced toward the terrace.

The building that had been quiet until just now was noisy.

She got up to see what the fuss was about when suddenly, the noise disappeared without a trace.

Once again, a stifling silence descended upon the building.

‘What was that…? Well, I guess it doesn’t matter.’

Kim Hannah went back to work, thinking it was no big deal.

But not even five minutes had passed when the door to her office suddenly burst open.


Who dares enter Valhalla’s Representative’s office without even knocking?

“Who is it? What do you want?”

Kim Hannah asked in an annoyed voice. She hated being disturbed when she was working. She raised her head, hoping to scold this person.

And then….


Kim Hannah’s eyes widened.

“…Who, who are you?”

She couldn’t help but stammer because the person who stood before her was a woman with long, silky, black hair.

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason Kim Hannah was so baffled.

“Oh, I….”

With an awkward smile, the woman standing before Kim Hannah fidgeted with her hair. Her flawless skin and glossy hair shimmered in the sunlight from the window.

Kim Hannah furrowed her brows slightly. It might just be her imagination, but it seemed to her that the room seemed brighter after the woman appeared. This woman—yes, her very existence shone.

“Kim Hannah?”

And that very woman smiled at Kim Hannah.

“It’s me.”

Even her voice was a joy to the ears.


“…Pardon? Wha—huh?”

Kim Hannah finally came to her senses. At the same time, a sense of strange familiarity swept through her.

The woman’s face was beautiful, bearing the perfect balance of cuteness and innocence, enough to be considered an art. However….

‘Now that I think about it….’

Her features, and the way she averted her gaze whenever she was in trouble, were all too familiar.

As she closely observed the woman, Kim Hannah dropped her jaw in astonishment.

“You…. It can’ be…!” Previous Chapter Next Chapter


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