The Second Coming of Gluttony
Chapter 487. That Day
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The Second Coming of Gluttony
Author :FudgeNouget
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Chapter 487. That Day

Seol Jihu did not leave with the allied force.

He returned home on the same path he took after making fun of Agnes. It was because that was the quickest way he could get back.

Of course, he did not forget to make calls on the way back.

A total of seven Valhalla members had died: Marcel Ghionea, Maria, Oh Rahee, Kazuki, Phi Sora, Vlad Halep, and Hugo. Cinzia had also died as well.

‘Thank goodness Miss Eun Yuri didn’t die.’

If she did, it would have been her second death, and she would not have been able to revive. Her survival surely had something to do with her own abilities. Still, the biggest factor seemed to be that she left the battlefield before the Parasite Queen began to seriously target the main unit.

Of course, if it weren’t for the World Tree being there, everyone would have died.

‘They should be okay… right?’

A day on Earth was equal to three days in Paradise. Seol Jihu hoped they would last at least two to three days.

Although it was tiring to fly at full speed both day and night, Seol Jihu did not slow down in the slightest. He minimized the rest time, ate dried meat for food while flying, and cut down on sleep to continue flying.

As a result, he arrived at his destination earlier than everyone expected.

A city could be seen in the distance.

Just as Eva was within reach, Seol Jihu’s communication crystal blinked.

—I just came back from confirming everyone’s safety.

It was Kim Hannah’s voice. Seol Jihu could see her walking down the temple’s steps. He had heard she went back to Earth after receiving the report of casualties. It seemed she just got back.

—I called every one, starting with Miss Oh Rahee and Miss Phi Sora. Everyone is already at the hospital or being forcefully transferred there.

Kim Hannah continued.

—They’ve all been sedated and restrained. There shouldn’t be any problems for a few days.

Seol Jihu was relieved. He knew how painful the death penalty could get.

—The preparation for the revival has been finished already. Their acquaintances are watching them 24/7, and we have emergency numbers for each person.

Kim Hannah continued.

—They have entrance slips with them too. Worst case, we force them to rip it. Obviously, the quicker you come, the better. But I’m telling you this, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Seol Jihu stared at Kim Hannah without saying anything. It seemed she didn’t know that he was already here.

—Anyway, where are you right now?

“Kim Hannah.”

Seol Jihu’s voice sank. His face turned serious as well.

“Listen to me carefully.”

—Huh? Why are you so serious all of a sudden?

“From now on, don’t pick up calls from anyone else unless they are from me.”


“And go back to the warp gate right now. Don’t stay in Paradise. Hurry!”

Kim Hannah froze. Her eyes widened. Seeing Seol Jihu’s slightly angry expression in the crystal and listening to his urgent voice…

—W-What’s going on…?

She looked around her surroundings and lowered her voice as well.

—You need to explain what’s going on so I can…

“The war isn’t over yet.”

Seol Jihu cut her off.


“I don’t have much time, so listen carefully. The real enemy is elsewhere.”

—Hey, are you trying to...


Seol Jihu raised his voice.

Kim Hannah flinched.

“Think about it. The Parasite Queen is gone. The biggest threat to Paradise is no longer here. Who do you think is unneeded at this point?”

Kim Hannah blinked in a daze. What would happen to Earthlings now that Paradise was liberated was indeed a big question.

“An Earthling who has the power to threaten a god owns the divinities of the Chief Deity and the Parasite Queen. Who do you think is feeling most anxious right now?”

Kim Hannah gasped. What Seol Jihu was saying made sense.

—Don’t tell me…


Seol Jihu’s lips trembled.

“The real mastermind… were the Seven Sins.”

After a brief silence, Seol Jihu said.

“I don’t have time to explain everything in detail. Just go back to the warp gate.”


Kim Hannah turned around.

—Then what about you…?

“I’ll explain later when we meet on Earth. Be careful.”

It was then.

—Oh, right.

Kim Hannah looked back at the communication crystal as if she remembered something.

—When are you going to get that bullshit illness treated?

Seol Jihu was taken aback.

—What a load of crap. Is this really the time and place to be pulling a prank? And who do you think I am?

“Huh? N-No, I…”

—You know, I just talked with Gula-nim.

“...You did?”

—She asked if we could return the Chief Deity’s divinity and said that she would revive everyone who died in this war and then calculate the contribution points separately. I actually called to tell you this.

Seol Jihu’s eyes shot open.



Kim Hannah shouted. Indeed, now that the Parasite Queen was dead, the Seven Sins would have more leeway in how they used their power since they could divert the effort spent on keeping the Parasite Queen in check elsewhere.

Seol Jihu scratched his head.

“I, uh… just wanted to make you go back as soon as possible….”

—Uh~huh, sure you were.

Kim Hannah clicked her tongue.

—Was that really the first thing you thought of? When are you going to grow up?


—Grow up, will you!?

Seol Jihu became sullen at Kim Hannah’s nagging.

—Ehew…. Anyway, where are you right now? Don’t try to pull anything funny this time.

Seol Jihu was currently flying above the city before he noticed. After locating Gula’s temple, he descended right away.


Kim Hannah’s eyes widened as she saw Seol Jihu shooting down like a meteor.


After landing, Seol Jihu immediately picked Kim Hannah in a princess-carry and then leaped back up.


He went straight to the temple, then threw Kim Hannah into the warp gate.

“I’ll make the wish right away, so go on ahead! I’ll be there right behind!”

Seol Jihu’s throwing power was so great that Kim Hannah flew straight into the portal.

“You son of a biiiiiiiitch!”

Only her curse echoed out.


Seol Jihu looked back at Gula’s statue.

“Can I get one Revival Burger!? Like you promised beforehand!”

He took out the Chief Deity’s divinity from his pocket and flicked it up like a coin. The orb hit the statue’s head and fell.

[Crazy brat.]

Gula spoke clearly. She looked down at the divinity rolling on the ground and continued.

[So you’re offering up this valuable divinity to the hidden mastermind.]

Seol Jihu looked away and whistled.

Gula sighed deeply. No matter how childish the man in front of her acted, he was her apostle and the hero who exterminated the Parasite Queen. Though he lacked any grace and dignity of a legendary hero, she had no choice but to acknowledge his achievements.

[I have seen your achievements well.]

“Yes, yes.”

[There are many things I want to say, but I need to tell you one thing first and foremost. Well done! You have achieved what no one else...]

“Um, Gula-nim.”

Seol Jihu raised his hand.

“I get what you’re trying to say, but can you get on with the revival first? I’m a bit worried, so I want to go see them.”

He was basically just telling her to skip the formalities and get on with the revival work.

[...Do what you want….]

Gula shook her head as if she’d given up.

[Your wish has been granted.]

“Thanks! See you later!”

Seol Jihu disappeared into the temple right away.

[Fufu, he really looks elated, doesn’t he?]

Luxuria giggled as she watched Seol Jihu diving into the portal. She smiled like a mother watching her son running around without a worry.

[It’s to be expected.]

Gula smiled bitterly.

[He’s finally free of the burden he’s shouldered for several years.]

[You’re right. He looked even happier than we are. He must feel like he’s over the moon.]

Luxuria agreed.

[Let’s leave him be for a while. It’s cute.]

[I let it slide today, but… he should know there’s a limit to my patience.]

Gula smacked her lips.

[What was that? Revival Burger? If that brat blabbers on about me being an aunt or a mastermind again….]

Gula gritted her teeth.


That day.

That day was finally here.

The day that everyone had been eagerly waiting for.

The day that did not seem possible.

Although the wounds from the long, drawn-out war remained, the Seven Sins were not so stingy now that the Parasite Queen was dead. They revived all who died regardless of race.

The allied force’s main unit held a meeting and returned the favor by offering the divinities of the four Virtues they obtained in the final war.

The Seven Sins were elated to hear the news, and they reciprocated by separately calculating contribution points as they did with Seol Jihu.

A few days after that, the Earthlings who died began to return. Each person that walked out of the temple brought about a cheer from their comrades and acquaintances.

The Earthlings who returned by reviving all rejoiced with an awkward smile. It was only then that they burst into joy.

A festival was held where everyone from both the Federation and humanity participated. A morning festival, an afternoon festival, an evening festival, and even a late-night festival…. The partying never stopped.

Everyone in Paradise ate, drank, and enjoyed day and night as if to make up for what they lacked all these years.

Valhalla was the same. Every member drank to their hearts’ content outside, but they immediately started another drinking party after coming together.

Flone was busy playing tag with the baby Beastmen, the latter running for their lives screaming. Little Chick cackled while watching them and then elegantly dipped his beak inside a wine glass.

Chohong began making bomb cocktails, saying that was how alcohol should be drunk. Oh Rahee took a glass from her, and after gulping it down, collapsed on top of Hugo, who had already fainted.

Park Woori and Yoo Yeolmu were busy making food in the kitchen and ferrying them to the drinking party. Maria voluntarily helped them, as well.

“Come get your hot dog~! Delicious hot dog for just one silver coin~!”

To be more precise, she was selling food that she didn’t even make for an insane price. Audrey Basler clicked her tongue, commenting on Maria’s lack of conscience.

Meanwhile, Teresa had gotten completely drunk and cried while saying she never thought this day would come. With her crying, Charlotte Aria, who was sipping on a cocktail, also teared up. Eventually, the two embraced each other and bawled their eyes out.

Kazuki drank quietly while leaning on the wall.

Hoshino Urara plastered a bunch of noodles in her armpits and bounced around while calling herself a free bird.

Marcel Ghionea took a bite from a dish Eun Yuri made and collapsed on the spot. He began to foam from his mouth and convulse shortly afterward.

Eun Yuri tilted her head and then looked for another victim to be her guinea pig. Vlad Halep, who was nearby, ran away screaming.

Yi Seol-Ah and Oana Halep giggled as they watched this unfold. Jang Maldong and Sorg Kühne also laughed while tapping each other’s shoulders.

Everyone enjoyed the party, drinking and chatting merrily.

The most excited person, however, was Seol Jihu.

“Drink, drink! When are you going to drink if not today!? Ah, why are you crying, Princess?”

He went around toasting everyone and then hugged Teresa and spun. He was so drunk that Seo Yuhui had to follow him around, worrying whether he would hurt himself. Of course, her true purpose was separating Seol Jihu from Teresa.

“Don’t you think he’s been too high-spirited lately?”

Phi Sora spoke while munching on a pizza slice.

“The problem is with his pranking tendencies.”

Kim Hannah smacked her lips with her arms crossed and with a look of dissatisfaction.

“...Well, it’s not like I don’t understand where he’s coming from.”

Phi Sora shrugged and walked forward.


Seol Jihu shot back as soon as Phi Sora called out to him. His face was red, and his eyes were loose.

“What’s up with you today? This isn’t like you.”

“What do you mean~?”

He slurred at the end of his speech, making it obvious that he was drunk.

Phi Sora giggled.

“I mean, when we had parties in the past, you always used to leave in the middle. But you’re letting yourself go today.”

“Ah~ Well, you know~”

Seol Jihu placed his hand on Phi Sora’s shoulder. As he brought his face up to hers, the smell of alcohol wafted out.

“Back then~ It was because I didn’t know what was going to happen in the future~ But now I do~”

“Okay, okay. Good job. You did well.”

Phi Sora pushed Seol Jihu off and laughed. She then picked up an empty bottle, put a spoon in it backward, and then gave it to Seol Jihu.

“Alright, since you’re feeling it, why don’t you sing?”

“Sing~? I love singing~”

“A party’s more fun with music. But look at us, we’re just drinking and talking. You should do the honors as our representative.”

“Right… a party needs… music… and I’m still the representative….”

Seol Jihu gave a strange smile.


Phi Sora tilted her head but did not put much thought into it. Though she did not know this, she was a little drunk as well.

“Alright! As the representative, I will sing my first and last song!”

Seol Jihu held up the alcohol bottle microphone and shouted. The people around him sent his quizzical glances but also clapped and cheered.

“Let’s see~ What should I sing~”

Seol Jihu giggled and looked around before suddenly stopping. A flushed woman was sitting in the corner of the room, drinking wine with her face red.

It was Baek Haeju.

Their eyes met. At that moment, Seol Jihu’s cheerful gaze suddenly turned somber. He became serious and lowered his head.

“Then… I’ll sing a song….”

After clearing his throat…

“I’m sorry…. Just a small person like me….”

He suddenly began to sing a ballad.

“I’m sorry…. Because of my lingering attachments… I can’t let go of you….”

Phi Sora became flustered. She wanted him to liven up the mood with a pop song, so what happened?

“Like a lost child~ I begged you not to go~”

In any case, Seol Jihu was singing passionately. He was so into it that he even began to tear up.

And for some reason, Baek Haeju, who was quietly listening, trembled. Sniff. She even sniffled and then shut her eyes.

“Don’t close your eyes~ Look at me, please~”

Hearing the lyrics, Baek Haeju forced herself to look back up. Seol Jihu was also looking at her.

“Even when I try to whisper into your ears….”

Seol Jihu was sobbing before anyone realized.

“When I’m standing in front of you… I can only shrink back….”

Baek Haeju’s lips trembled, and her eyes became red.

“I’m just… a coward….”

In the end, Seol Jihu fell on his knees. He began to wail and beg for forgiveness while everyone else was confused.


Phi Sora began to sweat as she watched in a daze.

However, Seol Jihu wasn’t the only one crying.


A stream of tears also fell down the fixedly staring Baek Haeju’s face.

“You bastard! Why didn’t you come to your senses earlier!? You were the only one I cared about! Do you know how much you hurt me and made me cry…!?”

She trailed off and burst into tears. Uwaaaaang! She tilted her head up and cried loudly.


A wind blew.



The party’s atmosphere had turned cold before anyone noticed.

By this point, Phi Sora had stopped thinking.

“...What’s up with the two of them?”

Blaming herself for making Seol Jihu sing, she slumped down.

“...I don’t know. Don’t ask me.”

Kim Hannah also dropped her head. Previous Chapter Next Chapter


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