The Second Coming of Gluttony
Chapter 470. Collision 2
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The Second Coming of Gluttony
Author :FudgeNouget
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Chapter 470. Collision 2

The Parasite Army Commanders were able to unleash their divinity momentarily to exert nearly the same power as a god.

However, it was important to note that the powers they could display were only similar; it was difficult to say that they were actually comparable to the power of an authentic god.

Excluding outliers like the Martial God, most existences were unable to escape the limits of their mortal beginning.

And so, to put it nicely, it was more accurate to say that the Army Commanders could imitate gods. Even Twisted Kindness was no exception to this.

This was why Seol Jihu felt nervous but also curious.

What would a being that was a god from birth be like? And what would a battle between gods look like?

Seol Jihu found out the very next moment that Black Seol Jihu was not lying when he said, ‘The Parasite Queen is better at ranged combat than close combat.’

Millions of glowing particles gathered around the Parasite Queen. Then, she flapped her wings in a huge motion and shook her hands.

Goddess of Parasitism — World Destruction.

Particles of light scattered out from the Parasite Queen’s body. The particles were about the size of water droplets, making it look like a snowstorm was blowing around the Parasite Queen.

For a moment, Seol Jihu was stunned by its beauty.

‘Hold on.’

However, Seol Jihu’s eyes shot open the moment he felt the energy condense in each of the droplets. His vision turned white in the blink of an eye.

There was no sound of an explosion or even a faint noise. All Seol Jihu could sense was that the scattering particles suddenly detonated with a bright light.

And with it, what was hidden inside revealed its true colors.


An ear-splitting explosion erupted a beat later. Each droplet instantly expanded to the size of a house. The explosion was so strong that the space where it took place caved in on itself, turning pitch black.

It was indeed an explosion capable of destroying a world.

‘This attack…!’

I can’t dodge it, and I shouldn’t!

The Parasite Queen’s attack was powerful enough to decimate both her enemies and her allies. By the time Seol Jihu processed this, his body was already moving.

Several undulations rocked the air, and an orb brighter than the sun appeared.


A supernova materialized, erupting massively in all directions. The Parasite Queen’s World Destruction and Seol Jihu’s Supernova Explosion clashed.

‘Not good enough.’

Seol Jihu frowned. The Parasite Queen was superior in both power and range. The light of destruction broke everything in its path, and Seol Jihu’s lightning energy storm was bounced back.

The Authority of Gluttony tried to devour the Parasite Queen’s energy but was annihilated instead. This was the first time Seol Jihu saw his Supernova Explosion being pushed back.

‘So this is the difference in the level of existence…!’

However, it was too early to be surprised.


Seol Jihu couldn’t even withstand the Parasite Queen’s first attack, yet she was attempting even more attacks. Seol Jihu first thought clouds of black smoke were escaping from the Parasite Queen’s mouth. But upon closer inspection, he realized that was not it.

Pop, pop, pop!

It wasn’t just from her mouth. Black tentacles shot out from every pore in her body and began to dye the area at a frightening speed. Seol Jihu could see thousands of tentacles even at a glance.

Goddess of Parasitism — Infestation.

In an instant, darkness mixed into the world-destroying light.

Tong, tong, tong, tong! Seol Jihu used Ethereal Shift consecutively, but that simply wasn’t enough. The surrounding area was already enveloped by the black and white light.

That wasn’t all. The black things that shot out of the Parasite Queen’s body looked like tentacles, but they didn’t have a physical sensation at all. If he had to describe it, it was more of a gas.

When they touched his body, they turned his skin black and tried to invade his body.


Seol Jihu grunted. He suddenly felt his energy going haywire. The anti-evil energy surged up to incinerate the black smoke, but the Parasite Queen’s energy was fiercer and more numerous than his.

At this rate…

‘I’ll be devoured.’

Seol Jihu began to feel his flow of mana being obstructed. Although mana was still flowing through his circuit, he felt like it wouldn’t be long until it stopped completely.

The energy of the Supernova Explosion weakening was proof of his theory.

‘Just what are these things?’

Seol Jihu struggled to escape the range of the black smoke. But then, he suddenly stopped swinging the Spear of Purity. It was because something happened that made him doubt his eyes.

The Parasite Queen was preparing another attack. The light and darkness that dyed the heaven and earth were sucked into her outstretched hands.

Spiraling rapidly, they formed into spinning balls in each of her hands. Then, she immediately brought her hands together.


As the light and the darkness mixed into one, a frightening undulation resonated out. It felt like the world was shaking in all directions.

…No, it wasn’t just a feeling. The world was actually shaking.

Inside the unstopping rumbling, the Parasite Queen’s fourteen pairs of bone wings moved simultaneously. They bent forward and attached themselves to the orb. Next, the orb split into twenty-eight pieces.

It was at this point that Seol Jihu realized the Parasite Queen’s previous two attacks were only to buy time for this attack. It would be a sure kill move, or at least something close to it.

The moment he realized this, the fourteen pairs of bone wings, which absorbed the pieces of the orb of light and darkness, were all aiming at Seol jihu.

In the next moment, fourteen beams of light shot out from her left wings.

Goddess of Parasitism — Coincidentia Oppositorum: Fourteen Chaos.

Seol Jihu’s vision immediately turned black. He could not even tell what had happened. He simply felt like he was standing alone in the vast outer space.

Of course, he didn’t think this was all there was to the attack. Even in reality, a crushing pressure was squeezing him from all sides, and a devouring darkness began to rage inside him.


Blood spurted out from Seol Jihu’s seven orifices. His body trembled before barely regaining its balance.


Seol Jihu did not even think to wipe the blood off his face. That was the least of his worries.

‘What… what am I supposed to do…?’

The power, range, and method of the Parasite Queen’s attacks were too different.

He was enveloped inside a mysterious space, not even knowing what was happening exactly. He would much prefer to fight a bloody battle of fists and blades.

Because he didn’t know how the Parasite Queen’s attacks worked, he didn’t know how to react. Of course, he didn’t have any time to complain.

‘Damn it…!’

Seol Jihu gripped the Spear of Purity and began struggling to dismantle the darkness. He cut and slashed wantonly with Mind Spear, secured his own domain with Limitlessness, and twisted the surrounding flow with Thousand Stream Convergence.

It seemed whatever he was doing was effective as the outside world began to appear little by little.

[Now this is unexpected.]

It was then that the Parasite Queen’s voice resounded in the space.

[Acting so wildly even inside fourteen chaos fear…]

[Such a thing should be impossible unless you’ve died thousands of times.]

[Very well. See if you can withstand this.]

A chilly voice rang out. Seol Jihu could faintly see the Parasite Queen in the distance. Her right bone wings twitched and shot out another fourteen beams of light.

Kaduk! Kaduuuuk!

A frightening crunch resounded out. The hair on Seol Jihu’s body stood on end. The darkness that thinned also became thicker in an instant.

Seol Jihu turned around in a hurry. Only then was he able to see what was happening.

His body was assimilating into the darkness before he noticed.

He could see the future — the future where he would perish after struggling futilely.

‘I screwed up.’

Seol Jihu gritted his teeth. The Parasite Queen said she would consider him her equal. It was wrong of him to hold back when his opponent, who was stronger than him, was going all out.

‘There’s no other choice.’

Seol Jihu wanted to wait until there was a perfect opportunity, but the situation wasn’t in his favor. If he continued to hold back, he might really die here.

Seol Jihu collected his breath and fixed his posture. Then, he steeled his resolve.

Right, it shouldn’t be so easy to conquer the final boss-cum-secret heroine.

Soon, a brilliant golden light began to emanate from Seol Jihu’s body.

He had activated the Spear of Purity’s seventh stage, Spear God.


Same time.

Seol Jihu and the Parasite Queen’s battle was affecting the rest of the battlefield.


The ground suddenly rumbled as if an intense earthquake broke loose.


Teresa’s Horus, which was valiantly stirring the center army, lost its balance and fell. A parasite tried to approach Teresa while she was pinned down by the fallen Horus, but its fate was no different. It could not hold its feet and stumbled down in an unsightly way.

The Parasites and the allied force turned their gaze while swaying in all directions. They knew they were in the middle of a war, but they couldn’t help but focus on the battle at the rear, knowing its pivotal role in this war.

They were also curious about just what they were doing to make the environment like this.

Teresa blinked as she got up in a hurry. The first thing she saw was the destroyed capital. However, this wasn’t surprising in the slightest. It was because she could see a far more shocking scene in the distance.

The sky above the capital had caved in on itself, and twenty-eight rings of darkness were spinning around a single spot.

What was even more shocking was Seol Jihu, who was standing in the middle. Half of his body had been invisible, but then a dazzling golden light suddenly burst out of his body.

Not only that, a large golden orb formed behind Seol Jihu’s back, pushing back the black rings, and then expanded in size after tearing the rings into pieces.

At the same time, thunderous lightning roared in the sky.

Supernova Explosion. Thousand Thunder. Hell Severing.

An explosion erupted out, destroying the earth’s axis and rippling out in all directions. Heaven and earth shook, as did the entire world.

Finally, escaping from the barrier of chaos, Seol Jihu immediately prepared his next attack.

At this moment, Seol Jihu was not the spear of a god, but the god of the spear.


Gabriel gulped while observing Seol Jihu closely. She had looked over after feeling his level of existence skyrocketing, only to witness an intense battle taking place.

She could say that the allied force’s plan has been a success so far. Never mind the vanguard and the left and right wings, even Seol Jihu was holding back his opponent better than she expected.

The plan wasn’t for Seol Jihu to defeat the Parasite Queen while everyone else held the Army Commanders back. It was the opposite. The allied force had to seize victory while Seol Jihu was fighting the Parasite Queen.

During the war council, Seol Jihu said he would fight the Parasite Queen alone, and Gabriel judged that this was too reckless.

As the former chief of the Four Archangels that once oversaw the Heaven Realm, Gabriel knew better than anyone else what kind of existence the Parasite Queen was and just how powerful she was.

Even though her strength would be repressed in the lower realms, a single human could not possibly fight a Heaven-rank 7.5 god in her own territory.

However, what she believed to be impossible was happening in front of her eyes. Despite cutting things dangerously close, Seol Jihu was holding his ground just barely.

That said, that was all he was doing. There was no way that the human body would be able to withstand a divinity for long. He might be borrowing the Spear of Purity’s Authority to do so, but there had to be a limit.

And so, it was absolutely necessary for the other battles to conclude in that time before the Parasite Queen defeated Seol Jihu.

‘The surest outcome at the moment is….’

Valhalla was having a hard time against Twisted Kindness. It was also the only battle where the Parasites were in an advantageous position.

Unsightly Humility and his army were standing strong despite being broken through, and Exploding Patience, whom everyone believed could be the second Raging Temperance, was holding on surprisingly well.

‘In that case….’

Gabriel glanced at Vulgar Chastity. It was also around this time that Vulgar Chastity regained her senses after being infatuated with Roselle.

At this moment, Seol Jihu kicked off the ground and leaped toward the Parasite Queen. Surrounding him were hundreds of reinforced sword qi. A golden shooting star hurled towards the Parasite Queen.


Vulgar Chastity could not sense what happened next, but she could see the result clearly.

Seol Jihu soared into the sky after disappearing from her view for a moment, and the Parasite Queen was sent flying back.


The Parasite Queen crashed deep into the ruined capital.


Seeing a dense cloud of dust rising from the ground, Vulgar Chastity’s complexion paled. It was only then that the situation entered her eyes.

‘What… what did I just do?’

She had fallen for the enemy’s provocation, and this was the result. The right-wing, which she was in charge of, had fallen into chaos, the center army had been driven into disarray, and Seol Jihu had succeeded in reaching the Parasite Queen.

“Ah…. Ah….”

*No…. This shouldn’t have happened.”

“I’m sorry…. I’m sorry, Your Majesty…!”

Vulgar Chastity trembled from being toyed with but was at a loss for what to do. However, her fluster only lasted a moment.

“I’ll… I’ll be right there…. I’ll take care of these insects and return to your side right away…!”

Her purple hair began to rise as the surrounding air began to boil.

Seeing Vulgar Chastity’s eyes rolling back, Roselle quickly glanced to the side.

There, Gabriel grinned faintly and quietly nodded her head. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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    《The Second Coming of Gluttony》