The Fourth Zaldizko
80 Senior“s Tes
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The Fourth Zaldizko
Author :veronica8
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80 Senior“s Tes

I felt satisfied with lunch, letting out a burp that gave made the guys laugh and girls sigh with a distasteful expression on their faces.

"No one, um, can, um." Jace struggled to sign what he wanted to say and ended up speaking to War for his relay.

"Jace was saying that the guys don't see yah as competition for chicks. They think yah ok because you're not in the same league as men."

"Huh?" I pouted. That know-it-all brat. Sure I'm dating a man, but even I had my pride!

"Yah really wanna be popular with chicks?" War asked in my thoughts, but I detected his underlining scolding.

"Not like that! I'm a man." My fingers snapped.

Jace bowed his apologies, making me feel guilty. I reassured him that it was okay. He sighed with a weak smile.

Conversations turned to lighter topics when we left the school buildings and stepped outside to the central courtyard.

The sight of three seniors waiting for us at the center made me groan, recognising those bully boys with that girl earlier at the school gates. Surely they weren't that arrogant to challenge us here in plain sight of everyone.

I sensed the school bell going off and saw the flurry of other students hurrying off to their classes around us, until only my class and these seniors stood in the courtyard.

A lanky senior with dark oily wavy hair, acne scars on his face and blazer sporting the lightening badge, politely greeted Ryuu who came up from behind.

"Ryuu-sensei. We're here as instructed." He gave Ryuu a cordial bow.

Ryuu nodded with a glowing expression, obviously pleased by the show of respect. "Thanks Ryan."

He introduced the four seniors who tested as the best of their house skill and were soon to graduate into squads of their chosen fields.

Bloody great. No wonder these seniors felt they could be bullies.

I frowned at the gloating expression from Ryan. He eyed me with a smirk and obvious challenge. My frowned deepened when he gave me a kill gesture behind Ryuu's back and out of sight from the class's attention.

I snarled with my own challenge and discreetly flicked him the 'bird'. The ideas that git had of me, I was going to smash them out of his oily head.

Ryuu let out a devilish chuckle. "This lesson is going to be hands on."

The hands-on experience meant that each senior was permitted to dish out the best of their Force, Elemental and Semblance magic to us, in order to test our Semblance abilities and what we had already absorbed with our lessons.

"This is a pop quiz." Ryuu continued to smirk at us. "Of course, I'll add to the fire. You have ten minutes to group together and form an attack strategy based on what I've taught you."

We stood like a school of stunned mullets.

"One minute's ticking kids." Ryuu shouted to jostle us into motion.

Death gathered everyone into a huddle. I smiled as my brothers naturally assumed leadership. Surprisingly, no one contested, rather they were keen to let them lead.

Of course, War was the one who came up with the winning strategy.

"Your brother's amazing." Charlie signed to me when War wasn't looking.

The one who was amazing was Charlie. He had picked up the sign language skill far more quickly than the others. I voiced this opinion.

"Really? That's my magic! I'm a Converse. There is no language I can't speak since my magic allows for instant translation once I know a few basic phrases." He responded excitedly.
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"Wow. You're the bee's knees. I'm impressed." I praised him and smiled at his proud expression.

War drew our attention back to the task at hand.


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