The Dragon Evolve God
-1 Chapter 11
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The Dragon Evolve God
Author :EvilGodZ
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-1 Chapter 11

Although the Black-Purple shadow was a powerful cultivator in his younger years, where he rules the Mortal World for five thousand years before ascending to the God World, but he was a ruler of justice.

He's someone that uses his power for good and never abuses it, which is why everyone in the Mortal World respects and loves him, even the Dragon God Princess.

Originally, the Dragon God Princess was supposed to marry one of the Demon God Princes, but unfortunately, the Demon God Prince was an evil person, which isn't the type of man she wants. Because she's kind-hearted person by nature and the Black-Purple shadow was also the same, so they both suit each other well.

Although his goal was to reach the peak, but he also wanted to bring peace to the world, just like he did in the Mortal World for 5000 years, but unfortunately, he failed to do it in the God World. Which is why he was disappointed and now looking for a disciple to take over his role.

Of course, he also wanted to get his revenge as well, but it will be his disciple this time doing the revenge for him.

At the moment, they were both above the cloud and watching the past event of the Black-Purple shadow memories.

"World of God, huh? Interesting," said Prime while stroking his chin.

"However, after living for so long, I realized that the God World is not actually the peak of all existence. In fact, there's something even higher than the World of God, but I have yet to find out,"

"What? Something even higher than the World of God?!"

"That's right, although I called myself a Human God, but I'm actually not a real God,"

"Huh? What do you mean?" said Prime curiously.

"A God is supposed to be uncreated, meaning that it has always existed outside of time and no one creates them, but I was born as a normal human being, so it doesn't make sense to call myself a God,"

"I see, so you're saying that everyone in the God World is a fake God then?"

"I wouldn't say that they are fake Gods because they do have some God's power in them, as they can also create small worlds and maybe even a galaxy or a planet if they want to. However, I would say that the people in the World of God are actually half-God, but not a True God,"

"I see, that makes a lot of sense because I thought the God World would be a peaceful place like heaven, but it seems like the God World and the Mortal World are not much of a difference after all. Because only the strong survive and rule the world, while the weak has to either obey or die," said Prime.

"That's right, an endless cycle of everyone fighting each other in order to reach the top, which is why I don't believe we are real Gods because a real God wouldn't be interested in this kind of thing. Unlike us, we are driven by our emotions such as greed, lust, power, jealousy, hatred and so on, which is a very typical human mindset or thinking,"

"Interesting, I never knew an old man like you could think so far,"

"Hahaha! I wish I could think like that long ago, then I wouldn't be wasting my time trying to get to the top and live a simple life instead. But oh well, can't blame myself because back then I was still young and ambitious,"

At this point, Prime already knows pretty much everything about this old man after he showed his memories to him in the illusion world.

"Thank you very much for showing me all this because this has definitely broadened my knowledge about life a little," said Prime thankfully.

"No problem. The reason why I'm showing you this is because my time is almost up, and also I need you to do me a favor, of course, it won't be for free,"

"I assumed it is about your wife and daughter, right?"

"That's right. I'm sure they are still alive and under the protection of the Dragon God-King, but I still want to see them one last time before my time is up, so I was wondering if you could help me or not,"


Suddenly, in front of him, a hologram of text message appeared, and it said:

[System update, Quest Available: Would you like to accept this quest? Yes or No?]

[Reward: One Billion Experience points as well as getting a new skill called "God Illusion". Besides that, you would also receive an item from the Black-Purple shadow, as of what item he will give you, that will depend on him]

[You have 10 seconds remaining to accept this quest, and after 10 seconds, this quest will be expired]

'What?! One Billion EXP Reward? Damn! That would easily make me jump from level 1000 to level 1500 easily. Plus, I will also get an item and a new skill, "God Illusion". Shit! Of course, I want it!' Prime thought to himself excitedly.

Without hesitation, he smiled and pressed the "Yes" button.

'Hahaha! It was so hard to level up when killing those monsters in Zxion planet because they gave me so little EXP, but this is the first time I was actually able to do a quest. Hehehe, this is going to be fun! Woohoo!' Prime thought to himself excitingly again.

As for the Black-Purple shadow, he was confused as he doesn't know what Prime was smiling and excited about.

[Congratulation! Quest accepted, please talk to the Black-Purple shadow for more detail on what you need to do to complete the quest and get your reward]

Meanwhile, the Black-Purple shadow was confused and said:

"Hello, hello? Can you hear me?" while waving his hand in front of Prime's eyes.

After a while, Prime snapped himself back to reality and said, "Oh shit! My bad!"

"What just happened? And why are you smiling and getting excited for?" asked the Black-Purple shadow curiously.

"Oh, it's nothing, anyways about what you said earlier, I accept it gladly,"

"What?! So you're saying that you are willing to help me?"

"That's right, and you said that it's not for free right? So what will you give me in return?"

"It will be this ancient sword," said the Black-Purple shadow while taking out the sword from his storage ring.

The color of the sword was deep red in color, and it was covered in hot flames, and just by looking at it, Prime gulped as he could tell that this sword must be very powerful.

"Amazing," said Prime excitingly.

'Damn, I can't wait to slay monsters using that sword because killing monsters with my fist all the time will only dirty my hand, but a flame sword will be much smoother for sure,' Prime thought to himself.

At the moment, the Black-Purple shadow is looking at his sword sorrowfully and said:

"The name of this sword is called "Dragon God Flame Sword", this sword was given to me by my wife long ago when I was in the God World, but now it's a useless sword to me because I'm far too weak to wield it now,"

With that said, he then handed the sword over to Prime to let Prime have a look at it. At the moment, Prime's eyes were sparkling and a little bit of saliva coming out from his mouth as he drools for that ancient sword.

Prime then grabbed the sword gently and said:

"Holy shit! This is an amazing sword!"

Normally, this kind of sword can only be found in the game world or fantasy world, but who would have thought he was able to wield it in real life. Which caught him by surprise and he couldn't believe it as he stares at the sword that he was holding on in front of him.

After a while, he then gave back the sword to the Black-Purple shadow and said:

"It's a fantastic sword, I love it,"

"Well, I'm glad you like it very much," said the Black-Purple shadow as he slowly put back the sword into his storage ring.

Unlike Prime who is happy and excited, but for the Black-Purple shadow, he was sad because each time he sees this sword, he felt heartbroken because it reminds him of his wife.


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