The Dragon’s Path To Ascension
-1 A Baby Abandoned At The Door
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The Dragon’s Path To Ascension
Author :Lunderhill
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-1 A Baby Abandoned At The Door

Year 1980 - Slaughter Continent

Waves of destructive energy ravaged the land below as two colossal bodies smashed into each other repeatedly causing destruction in a thousand mile radius. As the two separated a cold voice full of imposing might sounded out from the wounded body of a great purple dragon "Old Man Golden you dare claim yourself mighty after fighting against me? Without me being poisoned and ambushed by you and that old bastard Po you wouldn't survive a single strike" the disdain glimmered in his eyes which shone with coldness.

Old Man Golden snorted before saying "It's your fault, you courted your own demise acting as the sole leader of our race Anhil you were too proud. As for that bitch Leanna I've sent my son to deal with her and you're bastard child." An intense coldness filled the air as the aura radiating from the black dragon skyrocketed.

A crimson light surrounded the dragon called Anhil as his wings became blades of destruction miles long destroying everything in their path. Old Man Golden raised his claws and swiped out creating three golden slashes which smashed into the wing blades shattering both attacks. Anhil was knocked back coughing up purple rotting blood whilst Old Man Golden stood in the air glaring at him with mockery evident in his eyes. "You will die here and your wife and child shall soon join you. This is what you get for breaking the ruler's agreement which has been in effect for over one thousand years."

Anhil snorted before responding "That set of restriction set by you bunch of old fogeys to prevent the rise of a powerful youngster by forbidding interbreeding between complimentary species? What a load of bullshit." The look on Old Man Golden's face turned sour as he roared "COURTING DEATH!" He then struck out with both claws forming a cross which radiated a golden might causing the surroundings to dim as the attack flew towards Anhil. Anhil slammed his foot down causing lightning to flood the area which blocked the cross before dispersing "This is merely the power of annihilation and thunder and you're already scared. When my son matures you will know true fear the prophecy of four shall be fulfilled."

Old Man Golden snorted before stating "He won't have the chance, my son Gulliver will make sure to torture him to death and play with your wife until she dies from the pleasure." A sudden sense of unease overwhelmed Old Man Golden as he hastily retreated. His face grew unsightly as he saw a glowing core in the centre of Anhil "Anhil you actually dare burn your soul crystals for a boost in power! Do you not fear death?" The coldness in the eyes of the purple dragon increased before roaring "I WILL SLAUGHTER ANY WHO THREATEN MY FAMILY EVEN IN THE FACE OF DEATH!!" His roar echoed for thousands of miles as he unleashed a burst of dark black dragon flame.

The dark flames crackled with lightning as they blasted into the body of Old Man Golden tearing his right wing off and burning a majority of Old Man Golden's face. Unfortunately a golden apparition appeared taking the brunt of the hit before dispersing. Old Man Golden roared in agony before glaring at Anhil who had traces of anger marked on his face. "You dared call forth the soul of your ancestors to protect yourself coward you lack all dignity of a member of the main dragon clans." Old Man Golden was unable to speak properly but mananged to squeeze out the phrase "dignity who needs it all that matters is the outcome" before running as fast as possible in his current state.

Anhil could do nothing but watch Old Man Golden run. His last ditch effort to kill Old Man Golden had been foiled it would only cause him to recover for at most a hundred years and the cost was too great. The pain experienced when burning the foundation built up in cultivation was beyond comprehension especially when it entered the soul stage at that point the very being of the dragon would be destroyed. Anhil had cultivated from a young age and met many difficulties.

The pain of recasting his body through the bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond levels of Casting Stage.

The seemingly endless process of absorbing elements through the 11 levels of the Absorbance Stage.

The difficulty finding a connection between the cultivated elements to reach the 80% limit of the Connection Stage.

The long times spent in solitude comprehending the 3 tiers of combinations of his chosen elements in the Earth Stage.

The large gaps between each of the 3 skies of the Sky Stage.

The agony of changing the state of the soul in the State Stage.

Anhil was merely a step from ascending by creating a foundation but on this day as his last soul crystals burnt out the colossal dragon started to breath slower and his eyes gave out one last bit of unwillingness before they closed for good. The king of dragons had passed and he did so with many regrets about his wife and newborn son and how he was too weak to protect them.


Elsewhere a crimson red dragon soared through the air carrying a small bundle in her arms. She looked at the package with delicate eyes rimmed with tears as she flew "Now Lucius you've gotta grow up strong and proud just like your muscle headed father and beat all those bad guys. Mummy's gotta leave soon my dear I'll be sure to come back for you I promise. I'll leave mine and your father's memories for when you get bigger." As the tears continued to roll out of her eyes she suddenly dived down to a small town below.

She left the small bundle at the door of a messy house with a note attached before flying away. Moments later a golden blur streamed past the same village in the direction of the crimson beauty. From the blur a curse could be heard "Leanna you bitch just wait till I get my hands on you you'll wish you were dead." A cold sneer appeared on the dragon as he flew forward beating his wings at a rapid pace.

As the blur flew into the distance a wind was raised stirring the sleeping residents of the town. Outside the doors to the mayor's house the bundle lay unattended. Inside the bundle a small pair of hands grasped the air reaching as if searching for the source of warmth they had just lost hold of.


The next morning a small girl opened the door and stared at the bundle "Daddy" the little girl cried out "There's a baby on the doorstep with a letter." crashing sounds could be heard as a middle aged man shoved through the mess to arrive at the front door "Don't be silly Kara who would leave a baby at our front door?" The girl pouted and pointed at the bundle "Well what's that then?" The man's face turned strange when he saw the Crimson/purple dragon in the bundle.

He muttered to himself for a while before telling his daughter to bring the baby in. Once inside the man started checking through the books on his shelves. "I've never seen a purple and crimson child before it seems to be a mutated child but even so who would drop off a child at my doorstep even if it was unwanted?" The little girl piped up "Daddy can we keep him? I've always wanted a little brother" The man looked at his daughter before sighing "I can't say no to you princess" the little girl beamed before asking "what's his name?" The man looked down at the card which only read "Please treat Lucius well I can only ask you this as I no longer have the ability" he pictured a poor dragon struggling to provide food and sighed before saying "He's called Lucius and as of now he is part of our Deepheart family so he will be your younger brother from today forth" the girl smiled before going over to the bundle and said "Hello little bro Lucius, I'm your big sis Kara and I'll be looking after you from now on." The tiny face of the baby dragon smiled looking at the little girl before saying "A-r-a"


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