The Demon King
2 Zero!
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The Demon King
Author :The_King
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2 Zero!

"Boss! Boss! There is a seemingly rich guy, who just entered the town. He looks rich and weak!"

"Really?! We've struck it rich Ania! gather the lads! We need to get him before the others will."

"Yes, Boss!"




This world looks backward, and these guys looks stupid. Can't they just come out.



"He isn't reacting boss, that mean either he is afraid or he still didn't notice us, and it looks the second."

"Good then, we will get him in the yellow road."




Finally going to move.

"Yoo, rich lad. Care to join us for a drink."


"Don't be afraid, we will just have fun Hahahaha!"

"I'll count to 3, either fuck off or attack me."

"You insane,man?"

"We? Fuck off? Heard that lads? go get me his ass!"

well, I'm in need to start from somewhere I guess. With a little bit of training and beating, they can be shaped.

They run to me while screaming, the first one to get close enough to me, was a short guy with brown hair, and a little bit slim body. He tried to punch me, but it was too weak, way to weak. All it took me was to dodge to the left, then a punch to finish him up, K.O. The rest were all the same. Fuck, even the trainees that I used to train were stronger than this people. In less than 2 minutes they were all on the floor groaning exempt their leader, who was scared shitless.

"You, take me to your base. As for you on the floor, I want you all to meet me in the base when you can stand and walk. Let's go!"





It was a medium sized house comparing it to its neighboring houses. I checked the entire structure of the house, two floors and 6 rooms. They had no shower nor toilet, not even a kitchen. When I asked Ivar, who used to be the boss here. He told me that only rich nobles have those, as for them poor class they can only dream.

Well, some work is needed to be done here. But first, I need to get some informations.

Taking a seat on a chair, in what I think is supposed to be the living room.

"Ivar, tell me all that you know about this town and it's surroundings."

"Y..Yes, ahem. This town is called Morag, it was named on its founder, Morag the first. It is the town with the smallest population in the Kingdom, with a population of about 10 millions. The town is a mess, on the open nobles fights for controlling it, and in the dark we rival gangs fight for control as well. The noble family that control the town at the moment is the strongest noble family here, they are the Rakmor family. they have a force of more than 50 thousands men, that's why they were able to stay in control."

...Fuck me, 10 millions and it's one the towns with the smallest population? fuck the world I knew of.

"You said 10 millions is the smallest population count in this Kingdom. What is the highest population count?"

"Of course it's the great capital of Armiria, they have a population of more than 1 billion. Our entire Kingdom of Armiria population is more than 30 billions. And our Kingdom is one of the smallest 96 kingdoms alliance. Which is just one of such alliances."

"Aren't you a gang member, how can you know all of this?"

"We were taught all of this when we were kids, in the orphanage."

Ok.... this world is fucked up, just this alliance of 96 kingdoms has roughly in average about 2880 billions people.....oh my....and it's just one of many alliances...


After calming myself, I started to think on my next step. This small gang is gonna be my first step, I'll make them at lease like a standard military trained soldiers.

"Ivar, how many members does your small gang have in total? including the one I've just beaten?"

"Ah...we have about 1000 members."

"Damn, and you call yourself a small gang!"

"Yes, we are a small gang, a very small gang compared to the big boys. the biggest gang have about 100,000 men. More than that and the nobles will interfere."

Well, I don't even have the energy to swear anymore. Just a gang have an army equal to some nations back on earth. What China, and What India, what earth 7 and a half billions, Just this fucking small Kingdom is 30 billions. You on earth, enjoy your time. I will be back, but not to visit. I'll be back to conquer.

"Where do you usually meet?"

"We have a farm as a base outside the town where we can meet without preying eyes."

"Good! Call the boys."





"Boss, a new raid?"

"Boss, let's beat the Antos! They attacked one of us!"


"Shut the Fuck Up!!"


"Yeah, that's better! Now let me introduce to you someone, some of you might know, hehe. The Boss! The Boss of us, the new raising gang, the Legion! The Great Leader! The Commander Zero!"




Seeing them all confused and preplexed, I decided to enter the scene. Waring a Black mask, with only the two eyes sockets and a white painted number zero. A long black robe. I entered mysteriously. I thought that being mysterious will add fear and respect to both my men and the enemies men.

They opened the way for me. I walked all the way to a prepared chair. When I was near Ivar, he saluted me.


I didn't even look at him, I went straight for the chair, set on it. Then looked at all these thugs, killers, rapists, all kind of men... I don't know, but when I thought about all of the crimes, all of the deeds they've done, I felt...happy. at this moment I felt something inside of me was release, removed from its bounding shakels. I couldn't help it, and I had to release few laughs.

"Hehehe, Hahahaha!"





It was scary, we were called by boss Ivar to a meeting. Where we found out we had a new leader, a scary one. He wore a mask with a white zero. He went ahead and set on the chair, then looked at us...before he started to laugh...

"Hahahaha! Freedom! Power! Control! Inner feelings! Inner demons! Bounds! Rules! Good! Evil!... Hahahaha... Fuck them!"

"Some of you Killed! Some of you stole! Some of you Raped! All of you did something bad! But What Defines Bad? What defines Good?"

"What defines Evil from Good?"

"Why doing this is something good but doing that is something Evil?"

"What defines light from darkness?"

"Why everything that has lighted upon it is considered good, but anything that has darkness upon it is considered bad?"

"I am Zero! I am Nothing! I can do What I want without a care! you are the Legion! My Zero Legion! You aren't bound by rules! you want to kill? Go Kill! You want to steal? Go steal! You want to ****? Go fucking ****! No one will judge here! nor will allow anyone to judge you here!"

"We Are all Zeros! We Are all Nothing! Can you judge Nothing?"

"Today shall mark the rise of us! Fuck them! And Fuck them we shall do!!! Zero!!!"




Yes! I raped her, so what? she betrayed me! I raped her then killed her! I'M A ZERO NOW! NO ONE CAN JUDGE ME! NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE ME! Z...ZERO!!



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