The Crown's Obsession
252 Meddler- Part 4
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The Crown's Obsession
Author :ash_knight17
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252 Meddler- Part 4

'Belle Adams' Butler' is COMPLETE, which is why there is has been no update on it. 


Calhoun's lips broadened into a smile at seeing the state in which James was in right now.

The first time he had noticed this useless human was when James was found standing behind the pillars and talking to Madeline during the time of the Hallow. It wasn't like Calhoun didn't know who the big spider was who Madeline had mentioned in the beginning and he would have happily torn the tailorman's head before placing it on a spear. 

But Calhoun was aware that this would only bring in hate in Madeline's heart towards him. The beginning had been difficult, and he had decided to keep his claws to himself, waiting for the right opportunity so that he could get rid of this person who didn't have an actual backbone. 

"It is quite rich coming from you. Hearing you complain like a little child," commented Calhoun. He pulled the chair that was in the corner and sat on it, "Where did your voice go when Catherine was subtly speaking about building a home and family with you? Or are you going to claim that you are one of those men who don't know how to pick on details? I wouldn't be surprised if you said yes. No wonder Madeline is not by your side."

"You bastard! You forced her to stay in the castle! She sent me the letter because she needed help! She didn't want to stay here. Madeline isn't someone like that. She deserves a quieter life," James gritted his teeth, "She liked me, and you know that!"

Calhoun sighed. Crossing his legs one over the other, he said, "I think you are missing the main point here, Mr. Heathcliff. Madeline is marrying me out of her own free will. You had your time, and you missed it. If you had put half of your time and attention on Madeline than going around with Catherine, maybe the story would have been different. But let me tell you this, you are her past, and you chose Catherine."

"I do not love Lady Catherine!" 

Calhoun tilted his head to the side, "Then you should have refused. Why didn't you refuse," he raised both his hands in question.

"Because Mr. Barnes threatened to kill my father when I refused the proposal!" James pulled his hands forward in an effort to remove the shackles, "I was having my chance! Madeline wanted to stay by my side! You manipulative bast-"

"Are you sure about it? Because the last time I checked, it wasn't Madeline who wrote the letter to you, but it was her sister Elizabeth," Calhoun clicked his tongue, "You should get your information right before deciding to point your finger which might break. Madeline doesn't want you."

James shook his head, "That is because you have cornered her the same way you did to me! You have been playing dirty. She even tried to take her own life because of you. Do you know how much she might hate you?" he laughed, "Madeline might not say it, but I can tell she feels suffocated in here. You kept her here like a bird being caged." 

Calhoun's eyes narrowed at James,

"Haven't you heard everything is fair in love and war? At least unlike you, I wasn't accompanying another woman while mentally claiming I like someone else. Madeline deserves a man who is not afraid and has an actual backbone. My apologies for the misunderstanding, but can you blame me? Catherine announced about her liking you, and you didn't utter a word of rejection on it. I am not afraid to say no and go after what I want, Mr. Heathcliff."

"And if it might put you to ease," Calhoun continued, "Though she's still walking on the path to discovering her feelings, Madeline is in the process of falling in love with me. Much stronger than you could come to scrape the surface of her feelings."

James' face contoured in dislike and hate, "It is because you are manipulating her. She nearly killed herself an-" He couldn't speak more as Calhoun had left his chair to come and stand right in front of James, holding his neck.

"I am usually not this nice, Mr. Heathcliff. I am keeping you alive because of her, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to get you out of our lives so that you will stay far away from Madeline," Calhoun smiled at James while his fingers dug into the human's neck, "It seems like you have been bit," and Calhoun's smile increased further. 

This explained the colour of his eyes. Though it wasn't obvious, Calhoun could still smell the faint scent of blood. 

"I hope she finds out about who you are and what you are capable of doing. All the ugly truth," James gritted his teeth, moving his head away when Calhoun let go of James' neck. 

The smile on Calhoun's face remained intact, "I cannot wait for that day. I would have said give up and leave, but it seems like the words are not getting into your thick skull. I hope you enjoy your stay here. It is very cosy," and Calhoun left James behind who continued to tug and pull on the chains.

As Calhoun left the dungeon, he met Theodore, who was standing outside the castle, "We have a guest?" asked Theodore, who followed Calhoun's footsteps as the King made his way inside. 

"Yes, more like an annoying insect." Calhoun wondered how James had even got inside the castle and passed through the guards, "James has been bit by a werewolf." 

"How is that possible?" Theodore questioned in surprise. 

"By teeth," came the dull answer from Calhoun, "He must have got bit somewhere on his way today. His eyes are changing colours. Make sure no one goes to the dungeon. Especially Madeline or her family members. I wouldn't want his presence disrupting the marriage which is going to take place soon. I doubt sending him to Barnes' in his current state is feasible." If James was converting to a werewolf, things would turn ugly if he was let loose out in the open. It was better to keep an eye on him while also keeping it away from Madeline. 

"Noted, my King," Theodore bowed his head dutifully and they continued to walk. 

Calhoun walked towards his quarters, while Theodore decided to make a few rounds in the castle.

On the way, Theodore caught sight of someone's shadow moving in the corridors. On a closer inspection, he noticed it was the King's half-sister, Lucy Gerville. She had a worried look on her face as she walked. The night was getting late, and the place where the vampiress was heading, it wasn't where her room was located. Curious, he decided to take a look at what she was up to. 

When he was about to catch up with her, Theodore noticed Lucy wasn't walking aimlessly but she was following her husband. Samuel was at the far front, walking with a maid. It was no mystery what Samuel was planning to do as they slipped into one of the many empty rooms of the castle where people would not catch them. 

He wondered if today was going to be the day Lucy would find out about her husband's affairs. But Theodore knew Lucy, once she would find out about it, it would break her. 

Theodore questioned if he should leave her alone, after all, it wasn't his business what the couple did. Or was it?


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