Stay away from him
5 Just be mine
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Stay away from him
Author :akash_kuri
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5 Just be mine

@@Sofia reached, it is a office. she saw her sister is sitting on a bench near the man.

the man noticed that Sofia entered into the room.

he said "Welcome... welcome.. Sofia."

Sofia ignored him and asked her sister "are you fine?..did the man hurted you ? "

she replied with a smile "no he did nothing wrong, he is very good " this reply doesn't satisfied to Sofia, she said "Okay.. can you wait for me outside..?

she said to her "yeah.. but don't be late .. " and turned to the sman and said "thank you, those cakes were delicious"

Now Sofia is angry she opened her purse and barred a small amount of money and give it to him and said that "please take the money, I'll give you the rest soon"

Tai didn't takes the money and said " you don't have to return it, just be mine."

Sofia knows that the character of Tai is not good so she just left the money on desk and told and that if he do that again with her sister then she will go to the police and she left ..

Tai was saying something but she totally ignored it.

to be continued....


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