She's The Badass
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She's The Badass
Author :Leviticus1998
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A savior from heaven came when the time ticked on 9:00. I stand up and made my way out. One more minute in that room and I will not take it anymore.

Here's the truth. I really don't want going to school. That's why I hate it whenever I caught any attention from people that surrounds me. Even me, I have a hard time understanding myself. I don't even remember when I started to be like this. Or maybe this is really who I am.

While walking in the hallway, suddenly I saw a guy that is running in my direction and it's too late before I avoid him from bumping into me. I was taken aback. That was a great impact. It cause me to step back a little. If I was just like the other girls, I should be now in the floor, wailing in pain. But heck, even if I was hurt, I'm good at pretending it wasn't.

I look in the guy who dared to bump me and glared at him. He's tall, about 6"1 and I must say that he has a good body built. I bet he's a varsity player because of the Jersey he's wearing. But what the heck, why am I even complementing him. He glanced at me for a second and continue on his way, didn't even bother to apologize.

"A simple sorry will do Mister." I said that made him stop from running again.

Later I just realized that lots of students are now looking at me. Why they are all looking at me??

"Who is that girl? Who does she think she is?" I heard a girl whispered from one of the crowd.

What are they talking about? Isn't clear who's the one at fault here?? I look at the varsity player guy who's back is facing mine.

"Don't you know how to apologize? or you're a mute?" I said once again.

"You should know how to stay out in the way." Finally he spoke. So he's not a mute after all. But what the hell? Did he just blamed me. He's the one who's running in the hallway and as far as I know that is a violation. I'm not a good student but I know that rule in schools. So he's the one who's at fault here.

"Is she insane?" Once again I hear it from one of the students.

These students are getting the hell out of me. What kind of brains they have. Am I the one who's at fault here? I saw him who didn't even bother to look at me and about to leave again.

I took a deep breath before I spoke again. I hate audiences.

"Fine, you're not going to apologize. I get it. Go run you scared chicken!" I finally said, enough for him to hear me.

I made my way out from that scene. I could see in my peripheral vision that they are looking at me. I kept my head straight and look for the parking lot. Enough for this day. I don't want to attend my next class later. I want some stress reliever. It's so hard for me to control myself not to hurt that guy. I wanted to hit him but I have to control myself. I made a promise that I will not let myself be in trouble again. I took several deep breaths while walking towards the parking lot. Releasing some stress but again suddenly a screeching sound of a high end card approaching my direction. Oh come on, not again!

It stopped right in front me. This car stopped so close to me. What this bastard driver thinking? Is he going to kill me. Lord can't you just spare me from all troubles!

I can feel my blood boils and it really wants to explode. Right now, there's no way I can't control this anymore.

I hit the car with my two fist. I could say that it's not just a simple hit. I saw the guy inside a car who's eyes looking at me with a shock in his face. But that fades away immediately and his eyes change instantly. His eyes is now raging in fire like he wants to kill me for hitting his precious car. He stepped out from his car and slowly moving his feet towards me. I laughed in the inside. As if I am scared.

He look straight at my eyes with anger. A look like he wants to swallow me whole. I look at him in the eyes also. There's no way I'll let him intimidate me. He stopped right in front of me, looking at me like I'm just a little thing that he wants to trample. I admit that he has this strong aura like a king. Someone that you cannot be against with. I laughed on the inside of my head. Hashtag spoiled brats alerts. Spoiled brats thinks they are cool.

"Who the hell gave you the permission to hit my car with your filthy hands." His voice. It's so cold. His voice was so cold that it sent shiver down my spine. I compose myself. There's no way that I'll let him feel that I'm scared of him.

I smirked and gave him a devilish smile."Oh I'm sorry, forgive my hands. It slipped."

"Aren't you aware on who you are talking right now?" He said once again like he's trying to control himself from strangling me. And it angers me. I lift up my head, walk closer to him so I can meet his eyes closely.

"Ofcourse I'm aware. I'm talking to someone who is a jerk. Someone who is a spoiled brat who thinks what he did a while ago was cool. A bastard who almost kill someone because of his reckless driving." I said it with intensity word by word so it can sink into his little brain.

He grabbed my arm and pushed me into his car. And it hurts. This guy doesn't have any trace of gentlesness towards a girl and I hate it. I hate those guys who hurt girls and women. I wanted to burn them.

"I'm giving you a final chance. You can change you're answer now. What did your little bitchy mouth said to me again?" His eyes is burning in fury. And for heaven's sake, my arm hurts so bad. But he must not see that I'm hurting. I don't want to give him the pleasure of seeing me in pain.

Oh Lord, why did you let me encounter crazy guys on my first day?!


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