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Second Chance In The Apocalyptic World
Author :shashank_bhatt
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"Wow! who would have thought that there would be a day that famous Hollywood actresses would becoming to me one after another asking for forgiveness.....I know I didn't" Matt mumbled to himself after all the Grace left the room.

After the sorry session, Matt became busy as he tried to catalog all types of guns and ammunition he had in his inventory, he had 16 pistols all being the same model of Glock 17, 7 rifle model M164 and 3 AR model M416. He had enough ammunition to take on a Platoon of 100 men.

It was around dinner time when Matt became free that his mom and his sister came to meet him.

"I was just coming to dinner mom, no need for you and sis to come and get me" Matt stated.

"We are not here for that! We have a problem Matt" said Maria mother of Matt.

Matt sat upright after hearing his mother's words and asked "What happened!?"

Mary made a weird face as though she was having constipation and Matt understood that she was having problem that she didn't wanted to share with Matt but he didn't have the time to coax her into telling him, hence he asked his mother about it.

"Mary's periods will be starting from tomorrow and she only brought a single pad for emergency purpose as we were going to stay here for only a day, but other then that we don't have any pads or tampons. Even my periods will be staring in a week or so and we will need them if we want to move around!" explained Maria

Matt was stunned silent, now he knew why his sister was making such a face she was embarrassed. Matt of course knew about the women biology, how could he not when he took care of his niece in his last life? But he had forgotten to buy any of these things this time around even though their were so many women here who would need it.

[New Quest - Pads and Tampons are essential for the survival of women at the current stage due to their weak body. Find the Pads and Tampons and bring back a bulk of them for women in your group.

Reward - 5 Survival points, 1 info card

Failure - Women gets ill and eventually succumb to their illness and die]

Seeing the new quest Matt was shocked as it has been quite some time since this is the third time his system has given him a quest like that, the two times before were when he was on the run from military just yesterday and the other one was 1 and half month ago when he stayed back in the forest to save those captured by the mutated monkeys'. Every time a quest like this was initiated someones survival was on the line and the system would always give him something else other than the Survival Points.

"Ah...shit! I forgot about them! Don't worry mom, sis. Tomorrow first thing in the morning I will be going out of the hotel to look for them and other things necessary for us" Matt stated.

"No no no outside is too dangerous, I was thinking that we could search the the hotel rooms for it, many women keep it with them so maybe we could find some for ourselves" Maria stated.

"Yeah you can do that but I will go out to search for more!" Matt replied

"But Matt-"

"Mom, there are 11 grown women in our group all of them will be needing Pads or tampons when the time for their periods comes and it's not like a one time thing, we would be needing it regularly so I am going out to search for them and bring back a bulk of them" before Maria could say anything else she was interrupted by Matt.

"But where will you be even able to find them in such a large amount!?" asked Maria

"I don't know!" Matt truthfully replied as the knowledge he had regarding these things were 10 years in the future.

"Rose may know, this is Manhattan and she said that she has been living here since her childhood so she may know!" Mary finally opened her mouth giving Matt an idea for his predicament.

"Good let's ask her then!" Matt said standing up from his sofa at once.

"Hold it young man, everyone is sitting together for dinner right now so how about you wait for another hour to ask your questions from Rose." Maria said grabbing onto his shoulders

"Fine!" Matt said nodding his head.

"Great! Let's go others must be waiting for us for the dinner" Maria said as the group of three walked out of the VVIP Room 2 and entered the VVIP Room 1 once again.

Entering the living room Matt saw almost everyone there, some were sitting around the kitchen grabbing a plate for themselves to eat while those who were sitting in the living already had a plate filled with food.

"Matt why don't you sit with others while I will bring you your dinner!" stated Mary

Matt nodded his head ans sat with others ans started talking with them.

After an hour when everyone had finished their dinner, Matt stood up from his seat and walked towards Rose who was helping Susan and Sarah in cleaning the kitchen.

"Rose! I have something I want to ask from you." Matt said

"Yes! What is it Matt?" asked Rose

"Where do you think I can get Pads and tampons in large amount in Manhattan?" asked Matt with a straight face.

*Splurt* *Cough Cough* Mike who was drinking water on the side heard Matt's question and spurted the water from his mouth and started to cough as he asked "Wh-What?"

Rose's face was beat red from hearing the question and Sarah and Susan had almost the same reaction.

"Matt! Wh-What are you taking about?" Mike almost shouted this time when he didn't got any reply from Matt.

The others who didn't heard their conversation were now looking towards them in question while Maria and Mary who hadn't listened to the question but after seeing the reaction of Mike and the three girls knew that he asked the question.

"I asked Rose where could I get Pads and Tampons in large amount!


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