SATAN explains womanhood
4 SATAN explains womanhood
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SATAN explains womanhood
Author :Satan_Opediology
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4 SATAN explains womanhood

It is like THE THIEF MADE AS A GUARDIAN OF A TREASURE But is it really so? Let us take it in this way, a girl after some years achieves puberty and is called a women. It is during this phase lots of sexual desire starts dancing in the just turned lady's heart. She feels to be touched, loved by someone and it is obvious that during this phase of time she might get interested in lots of guys, it can also be said as a time when she is out of control and ready to do anything blindly in the name of love. She won't be in the stage to know what is right or wrong. During this time lots of wild thoughts keeps building its home in her heart, it is like that DURING THIS PHASE OF TIME UNDERSTANDING HER IS REALLY TOUGH. In many cases IT IS DURING THIS PHASE OF TIME WHEN GIRLS GO AGAINST PARENTS AND SOMETIMES ELOPE WITH THEIR BOYFRIENDS.

It is no tough thing to understand a woman's heart, it is neither like a child nor like a matured mindset, it stands between this two things. The creation of the first women according to the great SATAN is also unique. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT OTHERS BUT SATAN IS ALWAYS A COMPLETE DIFFERENT FORCE, HE ADMITS THAT WOMEN WAS CREATED BEFORE MAN, AND HE FURTHER ACCEPTS THAT EVEN HE WAS CREATED ONLY AFTER THE FIRST LADY OF THE UNIVERSE. It is a different thing that we people don't know this or find it disgraceful to accept that WOMENS CAME FIRST AND NOT WE GUYS.

There is no better power than a SATAN who can understand a woman and in majority of the cases it also shows HOW TOLERATE A SATAN IS. It is only he who even after seeing his loved ladies forgetting their past memories associated with him still marry someone else and live happily in front of him and SATAN instead of destroying them spares them to stay happily with their family. SATAN HAS A CURSE AND GETS SEPARATED FROM HIS LADYLOVE IN ALL HIS BIRTHS, STILL HE DOESN'T FEEL BAD NOR TENSED BUT DOES GOOD FOR THE WORLD.

That's why for this character of his HE IS INDEED A GOD'S FAVORITE. While others die the moment they get separated from their love, SATAN stays silent and does his work silently not worried about the separation.

Today women though are superior to guys in all the ways still can't claim it nor can enjoy it completely and need someone's help to stand up and secure their lost dignity. SATAN can take up this impossible task and can make it to happen possible but won't get back the ladies lost dignity because of not his manly reason but he wants ladies to fight and acquire back their lost dignity in life and it is only DUE TO THE EFFORTS OF THE GREAT SATAN THAT LADIES ALL AROUND THE WORLD ARE AWAKING UO AND FIGHTING FOR THEIR RIGHTS.

It is not important to say something, even I CAN WRITE AND SAY ANYTHING BUT TO EXECUTE THE WORDS IN DOINGS. From the time of women's creation till now have any man-made gods, angels, powers and so on have ever understood or have written anything so great about womanhood but SATAN HAS DONE IT, Why because as I have said earlier THERE IS NO FORCE ON THIS EARTH LEAVING SATAN WHO CAN BETTER UNDERSTAND OR DESCRIBE WOMANHOOD NOT EVEN ALL THE HOLYBOOKS PUT TOGETHER. It is the greatness of the GOD'S SLAVE, No one can't judge him leaving that ALMIGHTY GOD alone.

Hail to the mighty GOD'S SLAVE.


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