RWBY - Fall of Grimm
50 Before We Drop...
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RWBY - Fall of Grimm
Author :DabanCrow
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50 Before We Drop...


The wind ran through my hair, it shook myself straight to the core, it was a gentle caress across my skin that brought me a slight comfort, today was a beautiful day.

Staring up into the sky I could see the clouds pass by overhead, the sky was a light shade of blue that told me today it was bound to be a sunny and bright day.

Though no matter how beautiful, I had a weird suspicion as I stared at the open sky. It felt strangely fake.

"Hey, Darian! If you keep on staring at the sky then we won't be able to get ready for today!" Across from me in an open area of the forest stood my little sister Ruby who was over a hundred meters away, she had Crescent Rose at the ready and in position she seemed prepared to strike me down at any time. Her clothes were another set of here usual, a black outfit with red hood and trimming.

"Heh, so it's just you? Where did Yang head off to this time?" Asking this question I placed my hand on my neck and popped it to the side letting out cracking sounds. I've barely managed to wake up at this point.

"She took off with some of her friends again." She lowered her sense of balance toward the ground and crouched as she spoke.

Nodding my head "Ah, slipped my mind."

With my back straight and fist at my sides I prepared to be charged.

"Ready, Little Petal?" With a slight chuckle I checked if she was ready for a spar.

Squinting her eyes she spoke with a slight grumble "I told you not to call me that anymore!"

"Then you better make me stop!" A grin stretched across my face as I taunted her, I even held out my left hand in a claw like manner stretched out behind me.

With a small step on the ground she flew forward at a speed unprecedented before!

My smile only grew on my face as I knew today was the day for my little sister to make a mark in this world, no matter how minor! Today was the beginning of it all.

'She better not disappoint!'

Swinging her scythe toward me I thrusted out my open palm to grab the blade!

*BAH!* A noise was heard from behind.

*FWOOOSH!* Instantly I turned around toward the sound made in the surrounding area, making sure to keep my palm at my back to catch Ruby's scythe.

Taking a quick glance the surroundings behind where I stood, I looked around and found that the trees and shrubbs were left unblemished. Nothing seemed out of place.

Looking up I saw a sight that caused me to swallow my salivae... I saw a pillar of billowing black smoke that reached toward the heavens and threatened to turn it black with soot.

The sky seemed to slowly lose its blue color and replace itself with a bright orange and red that seemed almost as if flowing torrent of blood.

After a moment of time I had realized something important.


Ruby's attack never made it!

Turning back I saw the open area in the woods. it was clean and tidy. As if Ruby and I were never there. The field was void of any people.

A thought slowly entered my mind as I saw this sight 'Now that I think about it? How did I-'


Intrrupting my thoughts was another loud noise but this one was more of an explosion rather than just some random destruction.

There shouldn't be a village around here. I thought to myself. This area shouldn't have any within at the least several hundred miles.

Seeing that Ruby was gone and there was a battle nearby I could only come to the conclusion that Ruby had dodged me and made her way over. Shaking my head I made my way over as well, can't let her keep the fun to herself!

Getting excited at the mere thought of a battle I sprinted off into the woods toward the smoke rising in the distance.

Running through the woods was rather easy for someone with my level of skill, but a strangely enough a thought had once again went through my head as I traveled farther and farther... It felt like the woods around me had spanned on forever and are unending it felt like an endless maze that seemed to suffocate me.

My breath was slowly, yet surely increasing in speed.

It was truly a strange feeling that I don't like.

Shaking my head I knew I had no choice but to chase the smoke that loomed over me in the sky above. What else could I do?

The forest seemed to go on and on so I ran on and on, it felt like I was running in circles almost, and yet I could tell that the smoke was getting closer with every passing second. But it was more like a feeling rather than just being able to tell.

Finally I could see it in front of me. A clearing was being made in the forest ahead!

'Finally! That took longer than I'd like it to have.'

It was as red as the sky and the heat in the area was very great, it felt almost suffocating to breath in such hot air. My eyebrow twitched as I thought this, my heat resistance should be rather high,

My affinity with Fire is extraordinary. Many of the God level fighters I've met couldn't match me.

Making it out of the woods I couldn't help but mumble about the feeling that it gave me, it seemed to almost send a shiver down my spine. Glad I was in the clear I slowly began to formulate a plan in my mind.

Now step one, find Ruby-

Standing still I looked around in cold shock.


Looking ahead I could see what I was racing toward all along, what was the cause of the black smoke in the sky that threatened to stain the heavens.

Recognition danced in my eyes as I stared in awe and wonder, it was impossible. It should have been at least.

The group of buildings were burning, the people were screaming and the enemies hunting them down to the last man, woman and child. Nobody was to survive.

The area in front of me, was my village.

Nothing had changed... Other than that everyone was alive still... Almost.

My home was burning. By neighbors fleeing. People I recognized lay dead on the ground. The lady shop owner nelt down clenching her stomach as she attempted to hold her organs. The forman lays against a wall with a shovel in hand, yet lacking a head.

Those destroying the village numbered only four. Yet it was more than enough to destroy my home when I was away.

Seeing them I couldn't hold in my rage! A whole lifetime of anger had marinated inside of me as I waited for them to appear!

"STOP!" I shouted out, the air shook and the grounds quaked in realization of my anger. The very world felt shocked at my pure rage.

All four of them glanced in my direction.

One had black hair that drapped down to his shoulders, blood red eyes that one feared could see through the world itself.

Another had a bald head with several spike sticking out of his scalp, his cheecks carried four cylinder black bars, his chin held a much larger one, on the bridge of his nose sat a similar black arch. His hand was detached and fireing away one attack after another.

The third had hair a light shade of purple, it seemed to be almost gray in color and yet it held a mysterious aura as it transitioned slowly into leaflets of pure white paper. The body of the person waqs flying in the air paying no head to gravity, it was as light as paper.
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Finally the fourth one had bright orange hair, spiked up and short. His face and ears carried similar black iron rods and metal pieces as the second member. And similar to the second one was the eyes...

Light shade of purple with pitch black rings surrounding the center.

Glancing my way the fourth member let out a small smirk, it almost seemed as if he had already WON!

His eyes let out an incocieveable influence upon me. The ground around me slowly dug down into the earth, my body was similarly pressed down, I could feel the pressure way upon me, it wanted me to kneel!

Starring into his eyes, I could see it all over again... That battle... That day.

The innate fear that remained in me, caused my knees to weaken. *Pomf* and on the ground I knelt.

Cold sweat poured over my back, fear ran through my mind and I couldn't stand.

Staring ahead, a blank look crossed my face. My skin became a sickly white and blood trailed out of my right eye socket.


Gripping my hands tight, my palms let blood trickle down. Gnashing my teeth I threatened to grind them to dust. Anger soared throughout my body.

Looking on at the flames that grew and engulfed the village. I acted against the pressure and stood once more! Today I cannot let it happen again!

Nothing will stop me this time!

*BOOM!* Taking a single step I could feel the presure around me slip and dissapate!

Swing my right arms forward I did my best to send a punch toward that orange haired bastard!



'Huh?'" My eyes widen as I couldn't move my arm, seeing the smirk on his face grow I turned back to my right and found... a chain.

It seemed to dig into my shadow as if it were the abyss, turning to my left I found a second chain.

Fear... It began to take me over once more. Even I have never seen such a thing occur before.

Looking forward I could see it... They were all dying.

Everybody was dropping like flies.

*BACH!* I knelt down again, this time I landed in the footprint I made when I had stomped forward.

The chains were slowly fragging me down, I could barely resist, retaining my kneeling state is the best that I can do.

It was all over. I couldn't do it.


I lost again.

Another failure to add to the list.

More names to add to the list... Though they should have already died once.

Writting their names again won't take much time.

Despair began to slowly corrode me.

Starring on as their blood left their bodies I could hear their screams and cries for help.

'Don't look at me like that!' Some had eyes full of hope as they saw me, some eyes of hatred and others the eyes were just full of despair.

I couldn't take the those eyes looking at me and for the first time in a long time I lowered my head to my enemy. There was nothing I could do yet again.

That was when I noticed the weight in my lap.

Horror surfaced, despair flowed in my veins, I didn't want to look and acknowledge what was placed on my lap.

Pulling my hands toward it I could feel my body run cold in terror at what I held...

"Sanai..." A cold whisper left my lips as a tear run out of my eyes as I looked on into the emerald green eyes filled with love that stared back at me lips curved in a smile that once lit up my world... Her light brown hair was spread out unlike its usual ponytail...


"Darian!" A shout came.

Looking around I was still lying on the ground, many around me and stared in shock, but four held eyes of worry. one almost came to tears as she was trying her best to pull me from my trance.

Ruby clutched tightly on my hand and dared not to let go.

The feeling of my body could be summed up simply as... Wet... Sore.

Another dream came,

"Are you okay?" I hear Yang ask.

My mouth was still lightly quivering. My throat still sore.

"Darian?" Blake got down to my side and knelt down. Taking my head in her hands she looked down into my eyes.

Seems she could tell... Her face scrunched up.


The girls listened in... 'Just?'

"Just a.... Just a night terror.... Was all." My stutter was evident in my voice, I was still visably shaken up.

"Just a night terror?!" Weiss didn't seem to take the news so well.

She continued on "Is that all you have to say? What managed to scare you into this state?!"

It was true. On the battlefield, I can walk through one filled with corpse and not bat an eye. But that sight seemed to bring out an innate fear from inside me.

This was not the first time I dreamt of the village. Though, it was the first time I had 'her' head appear in my lap again.

The warmth of it could still be felt on my finger tips to this day. Even through reincarnation I could never forget the feeling of the warmth that her head contained as it laid in my hands at that time.

Sitting up, I looked around and could see many others looking over at me, curious at the sight of the most powerful person in the room screaming in his sleep they stared at me.

Feeling their gaze I got up onto my feet. Ruby stood up beside me and had a questioning look. But Yang stopped her from asking. As they went back to where they slept I packed up and then went to leave the room.

The gaze of several people still never left my body.

One day I could probably tell them.

But not today.

For now, I go to breakfast...


Sitting at my table I find that I'm alone once again.

"Sigh!" Normally I don't sleep due to the increasing rate of night terrors. Last night was an exception because I didn't have anything else to do, besides, I also had my lovely little sisters at my side and so the thought that I would experience such a fright didn't cross my mind.

Picking at the pancakes that sat in front of me I didn't manage to grow an appetite.

"Hey... This seat taken?" Looking up I can see that across teh table stood Blake. She was already dressed for today.

Waving my hand I spoke out "Do as you like."

Getting the 'go ahead' Blake placed down her plate on the table and took her seat.

Unlike me she had a somewhat japanese style breakfast that consisted of fried fish, steamed rice and miso soup. Looked a little more appetising than the pancakes in front of me.

She soon dug on in and didn't say anymore. She didn't mention this morning.

A small selfdepricating smirk appeared on the corner of my lips.

Leaning my chin onto my left hand I sat and waited for my mind to be ready to eat.

Before that time came I could hear the other three girls approach.

Weiss, Yang and Ruby all got some pancakes. Though Yang got less pancakes in exchange for some eggs and bacon. Ruby had gotten chocolate chip pancakes.

Looking at Weiss I can see a little excitment on her face, it might be because a rich houshold would keep a close eye on her diet at times and today she was free of that.

Seeing these girls take their seats I felt a calm slowly wash over me.

Even my appetite slowly began to come back to me as I saw these girls speak to one another.

Weiss was continueing to tell off Ruby for eating so quickly, Ruby kept saying how good the food was, Yang was offering an exchange of food to Blake and getting promptly rejected when she asked about the fish.

A real smile emerged on my face. And it seemed to have really helped the atmosphere as I can see many groups around us suddenly want to speak to each other even more than a minute ago.

More than likely I was unconciously suppressing the atmosphere in the cafeteria.

Taking another look at the pristine pancakes as they sat on the plate.

Raising my fork, I cut out a triple layer of the breakfast food.

Stabbing into it I lifted it up to my mouth.

And ate it...

It was delicious.


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