Power and Wealth
Chapter 297 – Xiao Dong fought a tiger!
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Power and Wealth
Author :Chang Yu 尝谕
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Chapter 297 – Xiao Dong fought a tiger!

Outside of the bus.

A fight between a man and a tiger started!

Dong Xuebing’s only aim is to protect Liangliang from the tiger. The only way to do that is to use himself as bait and distract the tiger. That’s why he kicked the tiger without second thoughts. This had become his signature move since he joined the Public Security. His kicks will normally knock his opponents off-balance, but he is facing a Siberian tiger now. Dong Xuebing’s kick seems weak in comparison, and the tiger dodged it easily.

Dong Xuebing’s heart skipped a beat. This tiger is too agile.

The tiger roared at Dong Xuebing, and its gaze was fixed on Dong Xuebing.

Everyone on the bus was still in shock. No one had expected Dong Xuebing to rush out to save the boy, and he is now facing the tiger without flinching. It takes more than courage to do something like what Dong Xuebing did.

Yu Meixia shouts out to Dong Xuebing. “Xiao Bing! Come back now!”

“Big Brother! Sob… sob…” Yu Qianqian was crying. “Run! Big Brother, run!”

Run?! Dong Xuebing cursed in his heart. If I run off now, what will happen to the boy? Furthermore, I will never outrun a tiger. The tiger is several times stronger and faster than me. My arms or legs will be eaten before I can even turn. What I can do now is to fight it out with this beast.

Liangliang cried. “Uncle! Help!”

Dong Xuebing shouted. “Run back into the bus when you have the opportunity!”

“I… my leg hurts and cannot move…” Liangliang had hurt his leg from the fall earlier.

“Someone!” Dong Xuebing shouted while facing the tiger. “Carry the boy back into the bus!”

The driver tried to get off the bus. He looks at the tiger, and when he was about to run to Liangliang, the tiger turned and roared at him. It bends its legs and looks like it was about to pounce towards the bus. Dong Xuebing immediately shouted. “Get back!” The driver quickly retreated into the bus.

“Liangliang!” Cheng Tingting was still crying.

With the tiger around, it is difficult to save the boy.

Dong Xuebing’s heart sank. He had rushed out to save Liangliang rashly and had not considered the consequences. He is now facing an adult Siberian tiger, and he is not confident of winning against it. The difference between him and the tiger is too big. This tiger is at least 250 to 300 KG and is five times of Dong Xuebing’s weight. All the tiger needs to do is to pounce on him, and his bones will be shattered. No human can absorb a blow like this.

Moreover, the sharp tiger claws will tear his flesh with a swipe, and it is lethal if the tiger pounce and swiped at Dong Xuebing. The tiger’s most lethal weapon is its bite. Most prey will not survive from a tiger’s bite, let alone the skinny Dong Xuebing.

The gap between them is too wide!

The more Dong Xuebing thinks, the more helpless he felt. But when he heard Liangliang’s cries behind him, he clenched his fists. Even if he cannot win against the tiger, he also cannot run away. Or else, Liangliang will be killed by the tiger.

Liangliang’s cries were getting weaker.

Dong Xuebing shouted. “Don’t be scare! I will save you!”

Suddenly, Cheng Tingting shouted from the bus. “Chief Dong! Watch out!”

“Xiao Bing!” Sister Yu’s eyes were all red.

Everyone’s hearts are in their mouth as they saw the tiger pounced towards Dong Xuebing and Liangliang suddenly. If the attack earlier was to size Dong Xuebing, this time, it is the real deal, and the tiger roared and growled louder!

Dong Xuebing moved his body towards his left to dodge this attack. He is facing a tiger and will not face it head-on!

But the tiger’s front paw, which was supposed to miss Dong Xuebing, changed direction slightly and hit him! Dong Xuebing was jumping to his side to avoid the tiger and was pinned onto the ground by the powerful paw. He felt piercing pain in his stomach as the tiger’s weight and claws pressed down on him!

“Argggh!” Dong Xuebing’s face turned pales.

The Siberian tiger roared and bit down on Dong Xuebing’s throat.

Dong Xuebing fell into darkness.

Am I Dead? Was I killed like this? Dong Xuebing knew he is not a match against the tiger, but he did not expect himself to be killed so fast! How is he going to fight the tiger?

There is no way I can win! I am going to die this time!

Dong Xuebing closes his eyes. If the difference between him and the tiger is so big, his speed and strength will not match the tiger even with his power. In front of the overwhelming strength of the tiger, everything is useless. How can a human being win against a beast?!

One second… two seconds… three seconds….

Dong Xuebing took a deep breath. Damn! What are you thinking?!

Dong Xuebing! How can you be scare of a tiger?! You are so useless! What’s there to be afraid of?! Don’t forget that there is still a child for you to rescue! If you die here, what will happen to Liangliang!? Hurry and get back on your feet! The tiger is only a bigger cat, and there is nothing special! In the ancient days, Wu Song had killed a tiger barehanded! If Wu Song can do it, why can’t I do the same?! Am I weaker than him?!

Arrgh! Come! Let’s see who will have the final laugh!

Dong Xuebing shouted angrily. Bastard! If I can’t knock you down, I will change my name!

BACK 15 seconds!


Time returned to 15 seconds earlier!

“Chief Dong! Watch out!”

“Xiao Bing!”

Big Brother!”

Time had returned to before Dong Xuebing was knocked off his feet by the tiger. The Siberian tiger roared and pounced towards Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing’s expression was still in a daze, but at the final moment, his face changed. He was no longer frightened, and he clenched his fist.

Four meters…

Three meters…

Two meters…

The tiger was as fast as a speeding car on the highway. Within a split second, the tiger is in front of Dong Xuebing!

The angered Dong Xuebing jumped to his left to dodge the tiger again, and the tiger did not slow down and changed his direction towards Dong Xuebing. But Dong Xuebing knew which direction the tiger will be heading, and he punched into space. This punch seems to be hitting into the air, but the tiger suddenly switches direction, and its head appeared in front of Dong Xuebing’s fist!


Dong Xuebing’s punch landed on the tiger’s head!

Dong Xuebing had used BACK three times to land this punch. The tiger was turning its body, and its momentum had slowed down as it was landing on the ground. But even though not everyone can withstand the 300 KG bodyweight of the tiger. Dong Xuebing felt the power of the tiger in his right arm, making him take two steps back and falling on the ground!

The tiger shook its head as if the punch was nothing. Dong Xuebing’s is not strong enough to inflict any serious injury to a 300 KG beast. However, the tiger was still slightly injured by his punch.

“Roar! Roar!” The tiger was enraged and did not give Dong Xuebing any time to rest. It pounced towards Dong Xuebing again!

Dong Xuebing could not get back on his feet, and the tiger’s jaws and front paws are in front of him! He immediately used his left hand to push against the ground and used both feet to kick upwards. His feet dodged the tiger’s claws by inches, and Dong Xuebing’s right foot landed on the tiger’s head while his left feet landed on its jaw!

The tiger instinctively bites down but could only leave a deep gash on Dong Xuebing’s shoe.

Dong Xuebing’s kicks landed, and he quickly pushes himself away from the tiger using the impact of his kicks!

One meter!

Two meters!

Dong Xuebing slides his body across the ground!

Dong Xuebing had attacked and escaped from the tiger at the same time!

Everyone on the tour bus saw the tiger bleeding from its mouth because of Dong Xuebing’s kick!

Dong Xuebing had hurt the tiger!

Dong Xuebing quickly got back to his feet and shouted at the tiger. “Motherf**ker! Come at me! Do you think you are strong?! Ah?! I will f**king kill you!”

The Siberian tiger roared and rushed forward!

Dong Xuebing did not back off and started running towards the tiger!

Three meters…

Two meters…

One meter…

The man and the tiger met!

Dong Xuebing is not stupid to clash with the tiger heads on. At the last second, before the tiger could reach Dong Xuebing, Dong Xuebing ducked and rolled diagonally forward. The tiger wants to turn and bite Dong Xuebing, but it was too late. Dong Xuebing had rolled to its back, and the tiger scratched the side of Dong Xuebing’s shoe. At the same time, Dong Xuebing’s right leg kicked upwards!

The tiger was about to lower its head to bite Dong Xuebing. Bam! Dong Xuebing’s kick landed on the tiger’s head!

This kick is powerful. Dong Xuebing was lying on the ground, kicking upwards, and it landed on the side of the tiger’s head. The tiger shook its head and looks like it was giddy!


Dong Xuebing’s punches and kicks can injure this beast!

Dong Xuebing quickly got back on his feet and maintained some distance from the tiger.

Yu Meixia and Yu Qianqian’s hearts almost jumped out from their mouth. Dong Xuebing had narrowly escaped death, and everyone knows a slight mistake will result in death!

“Xiao Bing! Be careful!”

“Big Brother! Sob… come back! Hurry up and come back!”

Sister Yu and Qianqian cried out to Dong Xuebing, and Cheng Tingting was also weeping.

Dong Xuebing ignored their cries. Liangliang is beside him, and other than fighting off the tiger, he has no other choice!

The tiger steadied itself and stared at Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing was also staring back at the tiger in its eyes. Come! I am not scared of you!

Suddenly, the tiger rushed forward again. Its huge body is like a tank going at full speed towards Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing used the same tactic and dodged towards his left again and was prepared to kick at the tiger when it turns its head.

But the next moment, Dong Xuebing was stunned.

The tiger paused for a second when Dong Xuebing dodged, and it did not chase after Dong Xuebing. Instead, it continues moving towards Liangliang!

Cheng Tingting screams. “No! No! Liangliang!”

“Ah! That child will be killed!”

“Close your eyes! Don’t look!”

It was chaos on the bus!

Dong Xuebing is furious. He expects a magnificent beast like a tiger will have pride. They are facing each other, and it gave up fighting Dong Xuebing and chose an easier target?! But Dong Xuebing suddenly remembers this tiger is not wild. It had been captive for very long, and its hunting habits are different from the wild Siberian tigers.

Cheng Tingting cried. “Quick! Save my son!”

The tiger had started running towards the crying Liangliang.

Dong Xuebing is furious. He had to use his power several times to escape death earlier. If he must fight against the tiger while protecting Liangliang, they will both be killed!


Dong Xuebing still rush forward and did not consider anything else!

Dong Xuebing pushes himself forward. Liangliang is not far away, but the tiger had a head start from him. Six meters… five meters… four meters… the tiger reached Liangliang and bite down at him. Everyone in the bus screamed in horror as the tiger turns with Liangliang in between its jaws.

Cheng Tingting’s head is in her arms, screaming at the top of her voice!

The rest of the tourists closed their eyes as the tiger is going to kill the child.

Dong Xuebing also thought Liangliang was killed, and his eyes turned red with anger. When Dong Xuebing was about to use BACK, he heard Liangliang’s cries. He looks at Liangliang in the tiger’s jaw, and there was no blood. The tiger had only bitten Liangliang’s down jacket! He is still alive!


Dong Xuebing felt his whole body burning with rage. At this moment, he no longer felt any fear or pain and is thinking of only one thing. Kill the f**king tiger!

Dong Xuebing immediately chased after the tiger with all his strength, and the tiger stopped when it saw him. It let out a loud growl to scare Dong Xuebing, with Liangliang in its jaws. But Dong Xuebing did not care and sent a kick towards the tiger!

The tiger moved aside and ducked the kick easily.

But as the tiger moved to its side, its fangs tore Liangliang’s down jacket, and Liangliang was fling away and landed on the muddy ground nearby.

“Waaaa!!!!” Liangliang cried loudly.

Cheng Tingting heard her son’s cries and shouted. “My son is not dead! He is still alive!”

Dong Xuebing noticed there are no bloodstains on Liangliang’s body and has no more worries. He used all his strength to attack the tiger by jumping forward with a punch. After losing its prey, the tiger was furious. It spat out the torn jacket from its mouth and tried to bite Dong Xuebing’s fist.

Dong Xuebing quickly retracted his arm to avoid the tiger’s jaws and punched its head!

Bam! The punch landed on the tiger’s eye!

The tiger roared in pain and pounced towards Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing jumped up and stepped back. But the tiger is much faster, and Dong Xuebing was not able to avoid its claws. He gritted his teeth and kicked out with his right leg, when he was still in the air, and used the kick to push himself back. The tiger’s claws missed Dong Xuebing and wobbled as it stood on all fours again.

Dong Xuebing stood up from the ground and shouted at the tiger. “Come! Come and eat me!”


Dong Xuebing stepped forward towards the tiger. “You think you are the king of the jungle?! Ah?! Do you think I will be scare of you?! You are just a pile of shit! You want to eat me?!” Dong Xuebing patted his chest. “Come! I am waiting for you! You bastard! Come and bite me! I will f**king kill you!” Dong Xuebing is from Beijing, and people from Beijing will swear when they are agitated.

All the tourists were shocked.

The tiger roared at Dong Xuebing and moved forward to bite him!

Dong Xuebing quickly jumps back, and the tiger missed him. As Dong Xuebing was jumping back, he raised swung his arm and hit the tiger on its head with his elbows. Bam! The tiger let out a roar and pounce forward. Dong Xuebing landed on back to the ground and kicked upwards with his right leg. Bam! He kicked the tiger on its lower jaw!

Although the tiger felt pain, it does not want to miss the opportunity as Dong Xuebing is lying on the ground. It raised its front paws and stomped down on Dong Xuebing!

Dong Xuebing used all his strength to roll to his sides and avoided this attack and kicked the tiger on its face again!

Within five to six seconds, the tiger and man exchanged blows three to four times!

Everyone was shocked by their speed!

Since the start of the man-tiger fight, Dong Xuebing had suffered minor injuries, and the tiger’s attack had not landed on him. On the other hand, Dong Xuebing’s attacks had landed on the tiger’s vital areas. Even the king of the jungle will be injured after getting hit on its head so many times!

The tiger’s body started swaying, and its roar becomes whimpers.

“Come to me! Ah! Come and bite me! Come on!” Dong Xuebing steps forward towards the tiger! “Come! Don’t stop! Let’s continue!”

One second…

Two seconds…

Three seconds…

Suddenly, the tiger made an unexpected move.

The tiger growled at Dong Xuebing and suddenly run towards the woods. It was staggering as it ran away.

Dong Xuebing was still pissed and started chasing after it. “You think you can get away after attacking us?! Ah?! Stop running!”

The tiger heard Dong Xuebing and ran faster into the woods.

Everyone on the bus was stunned by Dong Xuebing chasing after the tiger!


Is that guy human!?


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