1 A small mistake can have big consequences.
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Author :basilicus
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1 A small mistake can have big consequences.

Friday 02 January 2015 - 10h10pm

"Run, he can't be far."

"He's over there, shoot."

As the brambles and the branches of the fir trees tear my legs smooth and soft, I can't help but think that if I'd known my day would end this way, I would've opted for pants instead of my new shorts.

I don't know who those creatures in black suits are that are after me. FBI, CIA, maybe? It doesn't matter who they are, for the moment, I must first do everything I can to lose these forest elves who have been persecuting me for almost five hours.

All this turmoil that's been upsetting my quiet little life just because of a little miscalculation.

In the end, my biggest mistake wasn't putting on shorts this morning, but that of wanting to bring justice by defeating the demon, Chase Patterson. Yes, it was in committing my heroic act that I brought attention to myself.

Friday, January 02nd 07:45am

"Greg, what are you still doing in your room? You're gonna be late for school again."

When I play Skyrim, I like to slip into the Assassin's skin. Then I get stealthy and fast, and I don't hesitate to kill any player who has the misfortune to appear in front of me.

This night again, I became an assassin until 05:00am, so needless to say, I have no desire to get out of bed.

"Mom, call a healer quickly, I think my HP are close to 0."

It's very unlikely that my mother would accept to believe that my HP bar is at its lowest, but if I don't try, I'll have to get up and that's not in my options.

The door of the modest room that I rent 2 copper coins a night opens slowly. My mother approaches the bed and the small bedside table made of rough wood which constitute the only furniture of this place of life for the valorous adventurers of passage.

Her professional eyes of counter-scam run through my face which I have very cleverly prepared to deceive her.

"My God, Greg, you're soaked in sweat."

Phase one of my plan to avoid High School is shaping up to be a great success.

My worried mother puts her trembling hand on my forehead. Her expression isn't as good as I imagined, and when she looks toward the foot of my bed, I know in advance that my mission is a failure.

"Idiot, cheater, liar, you even smear yourself with Coca-Cola to fake a fever?"

"You're making a mistake, Mom. This is a major Mana leak, due to a curse put on you by a creature new arrival in town."

"I don't know if cola is made of Mana, but one thing's for sure: If you don't get up right away, I'm confiscating your video game consoles and your laptop."

My mother must be some kind of healer, because the moment she put her hand on my forehead, I felt my HP bar partially recover.

09:55 am

Equipped with my shorts (Tendô) imported from Japan and a silk-screened shirt (Lucy in swimsuit), I enter the sanctuary of knowledge that ignorant people also call: High School.

"The interclass is at 10:00 a.m. I guess I might as well rest under a tree."

I barely manage to enter into deep meditation when a voice from the real world compels me to escape from my deepest self.

"Greg, Greg, wake up. Chase Patterson is molesting another kid again."

At the announcement of the humanity's enemy who committing another crime, my eyes open in a split second.

I'm probably the biggest geek at this school, and yet no one ever comes to bother me. There's a very good reason for that. After winning the full contact national championship twice, tthe scoundrels who had the bad idea to raise their swords against the Assassin Greg, bitterly regretted it.

My keen sense of justice cannot allow the bad guy to steal innocent souls with impunity.

In one leap, I stand up. [Whoa, I forgot my all-nighter. Let's go easy with the heroic deeds otherwise I'm gonna throw up.]

I won't allow anyone to see this temporary weakness. With a slow but sure step, characteristic of powerful men, I approach the place where many students have gathered.

"Stand aside, the vigilante has arrived."

I'd like to make this kind of glorious announcement, however, I'm too shy to speak directly to more than 300 lost souls gathered in one place.

"Chase Patterson, now that I'm here, know that your cruelty will not go unpunished."

I think my sentence must have had some effect, because behind me I hear many whispers and laughter of encouragement.

The tall, redheaded basketball captain stops kicking a little boy lying on the floor. His demonic gaze is directed at me, his devious eyes shine with joy, 15 of his friends join him and it is at this very moment that I understand that I have just fallen into a trap set by the enemy.

The rabble, who had come to watch me fight evil, moves aside. The disciples of the devil surround me and Chase Patterson, who is the master of hell, moves towards me with a sure step.

"Gregory Clint, this time I swear you will not get up."

That's bad, man. Five of them just pulled knives out of their pockets. I'm strong, but my HPs are still not 100% and if I were to get hit by multiple stab wounds, my survival would be not guaranteed.

"Chase Patterson, it's not very balanced PVP. I dare you. One VS one and the winner gets to take the item of his choice.

"I really don't understand what you're saying Gregory, but whatever. Kill him, boys."

I duck. I kick knees in the stomach of my first enemy. I block a rain of fists with my forearms. My leg punch a demon in the calf. My right fist explodes the nose of a being from hell, but two knives are aimed at my torso, while a third is coming dangerously close to my back.

Will he who has always fought for justice fall like that?

Eh? What's going on here? Why am I not hurt? Are their knives broken? Why did my fans are pointing all their smartphones at me?

So many questions that remain unanswered for a very short time.

I admit that being alive isn't such a bad thing, but...

In the absolute, I would have liked to have become an Assassin. If that character wasn't one of the different classes that could be chosen, I would have accepted the role of the Berserk.

In life, strength often determines a man's worth, so as a warrior with a bad temper, my ability to face reality wouldn't have scared me too much.

If Berserk wasn't accessible to me, it wouldn't matter. As a brave man, a master of RPGs, any free class would have done, but this...

Why, did I have to become, (it)?

Wait a minute, my short brown hair turned long and blonde. Oh, they are never been this silky.

[Stop your delirium, Greg, there's an emergency here.]

However, those two big bumps on my chest that catch my eyes...

My feet at 20 inches above the ground, my originally full style clothes turned pink. Worse, they are now very close to my body. An expression says that ridicule doesn't kill, but whoever invented that proverb certainly didn't have 6 long translucent pink wings that when they flap, repel all people nearby.

Damn, I obtained the worst hidden class possible. I've become a mix between a Magical Girl and a fairy.
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"Hello, everybody, my name is Gregory Clint. I am 18 years old and today I have just lost everything that made me a man."

"Hello, Greg."


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