Omniversal Savior
17 Trip down memory lane 2
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Omniversal Savior
Author :AbyssalDragonKing
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17 Trip down memory lane 2

(A/N: Quick Author's note before we start. I just wanna say that some of you might be a little disappointed with this chapter cause the first 2-3hundred words focus on something that has nothing to do with anything and that this chapter might not seem like it should be directly after the last chapter.)

' Shiro today is the day that I get off my ass and stop being lazy' Haruta said mentally as he slowly sipped out of a bottle of Chateau Margaux 1787.

'Finally' replied Shiro. ' I've been waiting for you to say that for a while now. Just constantly drinking, sleeping, and studying ancient texts get old after a certain point.' as he stretched his ethereal body inside of Haruta's Mindscape(A/N: What I'm calling his sea of consciousness from now on though I may use both interchangeably).

' True but seeing as I cannot get drunk there is simply no point in continuing to drink. I mean, at most I feel a slight buzz in the back of my brain before my body automatically filters out the toxic contents of the wine. Though the rich taste and refreshing smell helps with studying, it doesn't change the fact that drinking is boring when you can't get drunk.' said Haruta as he watched the now empty bottle slowly refill its self as an obscure symbol anyone who practiced formations would recognize as a rune glowed. If wine collectors learned of such a thing they would surely not stop until they had their hands on both Haruta and the bottle of Chateau Margaux 1787 especially the supernatural side of the world. Haruta to find out exactly what methods he used to accomplish such a feat, and the bottle of wine to have an endless supply of one of the world's best wines at their fingertips to enjoy for themselves.

Standing up from his desk where dozens of worn books lay Haruta made his way over to the window in his apartment to let some light shine into his gloomy ass room. (A/N: Remember this was only a half a month after Haruta came to DxD world so no Mansion yet) Pulling open the curtains Haruta hissed as the sunlight hit his retinas. Quickly closing the curtains Haruta wiped his eyes as he cursed. " FUCK!!!! That hurts. If I ever meet a sun God I will shove my sword up his asshole." At that moment every male sun God in existence had a shared experience of a shiver running down their spine as their butts tingled slightly. As for the Goddesses.....Well let's just leave that to your imagination....(A/N: Damn that's Kinky...)

Looking down at himself his eyes still hurting slightly Haruta noticed his robes looking tattered and stained giving the impression that it belonged to a rich beggar(A/N: Rich beggar?)...Conjuring a full-length mirror in front of him Haruta gazed at his reflection.

What greeted him was the sight of his current state of dress. His usually Ashen white hair that had a slight glow when looked at from certain angles had lost its luster. His robes that had previously looked as though it was an art piece of the most skilled artisans in all of creation now seemed like nothing more than a brown sack used to contain nothing more than potatoes that serve no purpose other than to take up space.

Frowning slightly Haruta waved his hand causing a bright white light to encompass him, the intense glow of the light spreading to every corner of the room not leaving even the merest inkling of a shadow ever being present.

After a few seconds, the light faded and in its place was Haruta no longer looking as though he was, but a beggar on the streets. Now, instead, he looked like an astonishingly handsome CEO ready to attend a very important business meeting. After deciding that going outside dressed in a robe lined with gold and universes swirling on the surface would be a bad Idea, Haruta decided on wearing an all black silk Brioni two-piece suit along with black Hockenheim Moccasins. Looking into the mirror once again Haruta smiled and nodded his head in appreciation.

' Hey, Shiro what did I say comes after I eventually stopped being lazy? ' asked Haruta mentally still admiring himself in the full-length mirror.

'Hmm, If memory serves, I think it had something to do with the devils.' replied Shiro as he leaned back in a recliner in Haruta's Mindscape as he sipped on a glass of Bourbon.

'Ah, yes I remember now I was supposed to find a way to come into contact with someone with status. I already have but considering she has no authority whatsoever I don't think Sona counts. ' said Haruta as he waved his hand once again causing a briefcase to appear out of thin air. " And I know just how to do it though it might make the economy worse than it already is," said Haruta this time out loud as he was once again encompassed in a blinding white light this time with the briefcase in hand.


In an office on the second topmost floor of a twenty story man with a goatee could be seen casually sipping some coffee while perusing over some documents when suddenly he heard a noise above. He was, tempted to look up but then remembered that should he look away from the papers even once his somehow ever-present assistant Diane will chastise him again. So, not willing to deal with another hour-long lecture the man refocused all of his attention onto the document in front of him pertaining the details of adding a new segment to the television show of one Serafall Leviathan and the estimated ratings from adding the segment and how much money would come in. Seeing the number of zero's the man couldn't keep from saying, " Damn that's a lot of money. " in a voice similar to a hushed whisper.

" I couldn't agree with you more. Hello Daniel, let's have a little chat...." said a voice.


........................THE END

(A/N: Ok, so as I think I've said before some of the chapters may not make any sense for a while until everything is put in order, so, don't drop the novel because it's not making any sense. Also, I started writing these chapters on the 26th and I am nowhere near finished with them. As of the time, this chapter is finished, it is the 30th of May.)


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