Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
Chapter 1565 The Dream Draws in the Soul, the Nightmare Extinguishes I
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Nine Star Hegemon Body Art
Author :Ordinary Magician
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Chapter 1565 The Dream Draws in the Soul, the Nightmare Extinguishes I

“What is that?!”

Everyone was shocked to see a giant skeleton. It looked like a bone dragon with three skulls.

Each of its skulls had a hole on its forehead, and its huge bone wings held countless runes.

This huge body gave everyone a sense of pressure. Fluctuations were coming from it as if it were alive.

“That seems to be a Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast. So this kind of ancient divine beast actually exists?” cried out someone in shock.

“Impossible! That’s something that exists only in myth and fable! How could it really exist?”

An uproar erupted. The Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast was something only described in fairy tales. Most people thought they were a fabricated existence that had never really existed. The fairy tales said that it was a nightmare that reaped people’s lives. That frightening story was the only reason people had any idea what it was.

However, now that they were seeing this skeleton, they all felt a chill. Even something from a fairy tale had been pulled out by Long Chen. His trump cards were truly frightening.

“I don’t like causing trouble, but I’m not afraid of trouble. If you want to target me, well, since we’re all climbing to the peak of the martial path, stepping over other people’s shoulders to advance is normal. If I were to die to someone’s hands like that, I would have no complaints. However, people have their own reverse scale, and my reverse scale is my people. Since you had the guts to harm my family, to use any means necessary, I’m sure you came prepared to be killed by me. You know I’m no saint, and repaying enmity with kindness isn’t something I’m capable of doing. I have always believed in a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye. Today, I will show the world that if anyone wants to kill me, they should come at me. But if they come for my people, then only one of us can exist in this world.”

Long Chen’s gaze swept across the experts on the other side. His gaze was as sharp as a blade, and he waved his hand.

The Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast suddenly raised all three of its heads and roared. Its wings rose, and the divine runes around it lit up. Multicolored lights interwove. The world felt like it had become a land of fantasy and dreams.

As the multicolored lights flowed, the opposing experts began to collapse one by one. Thousands of people fell in just an instant, their souls dissipated.

Twang, twang,...

Yan Weishan, Hu Xiaolin, and Jin Mingwei’s expressions completely changed. Just now, they had felt like they had been drawn into another world, fighting countless experts. Each of those experts had been terrifying, and just as it felt like they wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer, the music of a zither brought them back to reality.

They felt a burst of fear. Just now, they had been drawn into an illusion. If Long Chen had launched a sneak attack during that time, they would be dead now. This Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast was absolutely terrifying. They were drawn into its illusions without being able to react at all. If it hadn’t been for Zi Yan, they had no idea when they would have managed to react.

However, in just the blink of an eye, a lot of the experts around them had collapsed. They had been silently killed. This was the most chilling, most terrifying way to die.

Zi Yan’s expression was grave as she continuously played her zither, unleashing waves that covered the experts around her, blocking the Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast’s illusory arts.

At this moment, the space in the distance shook. The various senior experts were crazily attacking the barrier.

The appearance of the Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast made them insane. Seeing their disciples collapse, they roared furiously.

Regretfully, their roars were blocked by the barrier. It was unknown what they were shouting. But based on their usual practices, it was definitely something along the lines of ‘if you kill my disciples, I’ll kill you and your family!’

Long Chen ignored what was happening outside. Meng Qi was repeatedly forming hand seals to unleash the Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast’s attack, but it was blocked by Zi Yan’s music.

Zi Yan was truly powerful. Her manifestation and her divine item resonated with each other. Other than the thousands of experts that died right at the start, no more died. The Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast’s power was unable to break through her music.

That wasn’t because the Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast wasn’t powerful enough to even defeat Zi Yan, but simply that it was now nothing more than a corpse. Furthermore, it was unknown how many tens of thousands of years ago it had died. Most of its power had already run out.

Meng Qi was using her Spiritual Strength to activate the remnant energy within its crystal core, allowing it to unleash its attack.

“Long Chen, do you want to continue?” Meng Qi looked at Long Chen.

“This is our vengeance. No matter who it is that tries to stop us, they can’t stop us. If humans block us, we’ll kill humans. If gods block us, we’ll kill gods!” Long Chen didn’t hesitate.

Hearing that, Zi Yan’s face paled slightly, and her eyes became misty. However, she clenched her teeth and acted indifferent. She continued playing the Seven String Sea Suppressing Zither to defend.

Meng Qi looked at the distant Zi Yan. Saying sorry in her heart, she formed nine different hand seals.

On the ninth seal, the Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast’s three heads lit up. A ray of divine light shot out of each of its eyes. They were like nine sharp blades shooting out.


The nine rays of divine light instantly pierced Zi Yan’s defenses and swept through their enemies. Anyone struck by the light wasn’t even able to make a sound before being turned into nothingness, forever vanishing from this world.

The instant her defenses were broken, Zi Yan’s body shook, and blood leaked out of the corner of her mouth, dripping onto her chest.


With the defenses broken, Long Chen let out a shout and charged forward. Evilmoon slashed toward Yan Weishan.

“Split the Heavens 5!”

Despite having his furnace to protect himself, Yan Weishan was sent flying and hacked up blood from Long Chen’s attack.

Just as Long Chen was preparing to unleash a second attack, Zi Yan appeared in front of him. Anger appeared in Long Chen’s eyes.

“Double Dragon Destruction!”

Long Chen placed his saber on his back and formed a hand seal. This time, he didn’t hold back at all. Lei Long and Huo Long’s full power burst forth.

A golden flame dragon and a five-colored lightning dragon intertwined, unleashing all their power at Zi Yan. Lei Long and Huo Long’s power was sucked dry in just one attack. This was Long Chen’s most ferocious attack.

Zi Yan’s zither shone with divine light. Ripples spread, tearing through the void.


Heaven and earth shook. Lightning and flames filled the sky, causing the barrier to shudder. The entire barrier dimmed rapidly because of this one attack.

Zi Yan was blown back. Before she could stabilize, a hand reached out from within the lightning and flames, catching her neck.

“Long Chen!”

Meng Qi, Chu Yao, and Tang Wan-er let out a startled cry. In the distance, Yu Tong and the others’ expressions were pale as paper. Zi Yan was caught in Long Chen’s hands. At this moment, only a thin line separated her life and death.

Caught by Long Chen, Zi Yan didn’t reveal any fear. Instead, her eyes seemed calm. There seemed to be an unclear emotion deep within them. It seemed to be a kind of… release.

Long Chen looked at Zi Yan, all kinds of emotions swirling in his heart. In the end, the two of them had still ended up fighting. The heavens truly knew how to play with people.

“Zi Yan, back in front of the Hidden Dragon Abode in the Eastern Wasteland’s Qing Prefecture, my friend Mu Xue was captured and used as a hostage against me. You were the one who saved her. Back then, I swore that I would repay that favor. You saved my friend’s life back then, so today, I’ll let you off this once. From now on, neither of us owe the other anything. Any ties between us are broken. If we meet again, we will probably be enemies. At that time, whether you kill me or I kill you, neither of us have to feel any guilt.”

Long Chen waved his hand, sending Zi Yan flying toward Yu Tong and the others. Yu Tong hastily reached out to catch her.

Zi Yan coughed up a mouthful of blood. Just now, Long Chen had forced his spiritual yuan into her body, shaking her meridians and causing her to temporarily lose the ability to fight.

“Long Chen, you…!” Yu Tong was enraged that Long Chen would be so vicious to Zi Yan. She was about to shout at him when Zi Yan stopped her.

“Yu Tong, I’m tired. Can you hold me and let me sleep?” After saying that, Zi Yan directly lost consciousness.

Yu Tong’s tears dripped down. She had grown up together with Zi Yan and knew her the best. She understood the pain in Zi Yan’s heart.

Compared to the injuries to her body, it was Long Chen’s words that had cut her the most. Zi Yan had passed out because she felt helpless and could only escape using this method.

“Kill them all!” roared Long Chen, charging back at Yan Weishan, Hu Xiaolin, and Jin Mingwei.

The three of them fought all-out, but due to the Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast’s influence, their power was greatly weakened. Even with their manifestations resisting it, they felt sleepy and were unable to concentrate. They were forced into desperate straits by Long Chen.

At the same time, the Dragonblood Legion charged. The experts in front of them collapsed in droves, and rivers of blood flowed.

“Everyone, hold on! The reinforcements are nearly here, and the Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast’s power is about to run out! The one to die in the end will still be Long Chen!” shouted someone upon seeing the runes on the Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast turn dark.

Just as he finished saying that, the Three-Head Nine-Eye Illusion Spirit Beast’s skeleton crumbled. All its energy was used up, and it could no longer be used.

At this point, the experts from the various powers had been reduced to less than fifty thousand. As their numbers dwindled, the speed at which they died increased.

However, they clenched their teeth and persevered. The barrier in the sky was weakening, looking like it might break at any moment. That let them see hope.

“Meng Qi!” shouted Long Chen suddenly.

“The Dream Traps the Soul, the Nightmare Extinguishes It.”

Hearing Long Chen’s call, Meng Qi didn’t hesitate. She summoned back her flying swords, and a vast spiritual ripple spread from her, covering the battlefield. Her face turned as pale as paper as she exhausted all her soul energy with this one attack.

All the various experts were shocked to find their Yuan Spirits being stripped from their bodies.


The Dragonblood warriors took advantage of this moment to launch their strongest attacks. They slaughtered them.

Just at this moment, the barrier in the sky exploded. The experts outside the barrier finally broke through.

“Long Chen, you ingrate, hand over your life!” Countless Life Star experts charged at Long Chen.
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