Myth of a Dragon
71 Pills & Materials
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Myth of a Dragon
Author :Zealotx
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71 Pills & Materials

After a few more minutes of standing there, Zeke bowed in front of Z's corpse as he headed towards the back of the room. Without hesitation, he immediately copped each and every one of the bricks. After lightly pushing a brick near the middle, the whole wall suddenly trembled before a small section fell off. When Zeke went closer and inspected, he only found a single ring. He reached out to it and after a few seconds of refining, he checked the contents.

Inside were a small mound of purple coins, ten pill bottles along with three unfurled scrolls, and some raw materials that Zeke didn't know of. Although the ring's total space was a bit small than usual, the items it held were all very valuable.

The purple coins almost amounted to a millennium's worth of a common family's basic necessities. Although it was a big amount for other people, it was only so-so for Zeke who had a little bit of knowledge about their family's financial situation.

The ten pill bottles were the body tempering pills that Z had mentioned. For caution, Zeke tried to sense the mana fluctuation inside the bottles. After sensing the sealed amount of energy inside, Zeke knew these pill bottles contain precious pills. When he tried to sense the insides, his perception got drowned by the surging energy permeating from pills. Each bottle only had one pill, so Zeke had a total of 10 Body tempering pills. Besides the massive amount of energy permeating inside the bottles, there were also a tinge of evil hidden. If it weren't for Zeke's sensitivity towards evil auras, he would've not noticed it. This small evil aura can only be detected by those who are sensitive to it like Insane Dragon's Descendants. If this were to be consumed by a human or any other organism besides evil entities, this strand of evil could corrupt their minds and erode their bodies. In short, it was a heavenly pill for Insane Dragon's descendants and demons while being a formidable poison for others. Zeke assumed Z must've thought of other people pocketing it for themselves before hence why this strand of evil aura is present. After all, he intended to give it to his kinsmen, not for random strangers.

*Zeke, this body tempering pill is made from an ancient plant called Starmist Flower. According to the records, these flowers are born from a place heavily nourished by moonlight. Also, its purity is very high that its almost impossible for that Z to concoct it himself. In the first place, he didn't have any sort of fire to refine it, and even if he did, it would require the fire of Tier 6 or higher magician. That's how hard it is to concoct this sort of pill. As for the strand of evil energy in every pill, it's not included in the pill's recipe at all. I presume that man put it himself, ensuring that only descendants of the Insane Dragon could benefit from these. As for demons, although it could indeed benefit them, that Z might not have expected the demons to know of this place.*

'Yeah. If I was a little bit late, perhaps the two demons earlier would have gotten that inheritance.'

Zeke 'found' the inheritance coincidentally while the two other demons were trying. If it weren't for Zeke's immunity to poisons, he would've already died right there and then when he entered the room with the old demon.

Zeke then skimmed through the three scrolls. The first two scrolls were all about formations. The first one describes and gives a rough and basic understanding of formations while the second one had all sorts of different formations for different situations. The formation that Z used was a simple but efficient one good for covering or defending a room. Although it was simple, the quality of the materials used affects the power and quality of the formation itself. Due to Z's rush, he could only use low-quality materials, so even if the golem is a Tier 5, it only possessed basic attacks without even a sliver of awareness.

He planned on reading through these if he had the extra time so he stored it first before shifting his attention to the various medicinal herbs lying inside the spatial ring.

'This is a Firecloud Fruit! It seems to be a hundred-year-old herb and from the looks of it, looks like Mr. Z took great care in plucking this one. There's no residual energy around it, meaning all of its energy is still inside! This is indeed very beneficial for tempering the body!' Zeke gazed at a dark red fruit emitting small specks of fire around it.

'What's this? it's like an Aquatic Pea but why is it red in color?' Zeke held a small red tear-shaped fruit as he sensed the violent energy inside it. Although the energy in the outer part was violent, the inner part was the opposite. It was calm and silent, as if the energy there is in full harmony with each other.

*That's an AquaEmber Pea, Zeke. It's formed when an Aquatic Pea gets submerged in hot lava for at least a day. It makes the pea's outer part fire-attributed while the inside remains water-attributed. This is a great body tempering pill that give a significant boost of power at the cost of a painful absorption.*

'This is a Toxic Woodvine! I remember this one. This utilizes the potent poison to gradually destroy the body while its counterpart, the Vitalized Vine, reforms it into a tougher version. This one is also the same as that last one and its very painful.'

Zeke was frightened and worried about the amount of pain he'd experience after all these.

*That's a Crimson Laceflower, Zeke. It grows near areas with high temperature as it...*

*That's another Firecloud Fruit!*


Zeke and the system examined all the raw body tempering herbs inside. After a few minutes, Zeke couldn't help but be excited by the thought of his body after consuming all these. Although he was slightly worried about the amount of pain he's going to feel, it got drowned by his anticipation. When Zeke couldn't recognize a plant, the system would chime in and give Zeke a brief description about it and its uses. After knowing about all of the herbs in his possession, Zeke couldn't help but feel excited. He knew this was an absolute fortune for a Mad Dragon like him who focus on body tempering to unleash their powers.

Zeke knew that since he had two high-ranking dragon bloodline inside of him, he needed to nurture each one. He figured that his Lesser Dragon Bloodline will mostly be used while fighting as a magician but he couldn't pass up the opportunity of increasing his physical strength. Not to mention that besides the increase of his body's power, Zeke's own Mad Dragon bloodline would also benefit. Since this bloodline enhanced and relied on the Dragonborn's physical strength, having high innate strength would mean a higher increase in power when using the Mad Dragon's skill.

'System, how long till my 10th birthday?'

Zeke asked. He promised his parents that he'd go back to the Imperial Capital before his 10th birthday. Right now, although Zeke didn't have any concept of time here underground, he thought of asking the system. After all, he too would want to know if the system is capable of determining the time or something like it.

*Zeke, there is still approximately more than three more months left before your 10th birthday. The period of time where your consciousness laid inside the mana core was unknown but it should not be a long time.*

Zeke nodded inwardly. Since he had already achieved his objective in going here, he didn't have any matters to do anymore before departing to the Imperial Capital. While pondering, he focused his gaze on the pile of body tempering pills and materials scattered throughout the whole space inside the spatial ring. His eyes lit up as he immediately took out a fist-sized fruit.


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