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Lost Soul Underneath the Darkness
Author :06_lavanya
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Antonio was dumbfound standing still and looking at the corpse and still under the dilemma to cope up with as though he wasn't able to digest what all he just stumbled upon. It was in matter of fact a thing to jitter any one out of their nerves as it had never been an attack on a jury member and that too such an important one with such brutality which was inflicted upon Weasly to put his eyes go void it can pass a chill down anyone's spine.

But there stood the Lord with all his calm and then turner towards Antonio and in a blink of eye he was standing besides him with a wicked grin spread across his face.Antonio would rather still swear upon his words that he did assert earlier and have perjury upon his soul if it wasn't the Lord himself who had done the gruesome deed.

Antonio with his mouth open as if he was trying to make words out of his mouth to come but was unable to do so at the sight which terrorized him . It wasn't that he wasn't into fight or has never witnessed such a situation but this time it was entirely a different thing to deal with a dead jury member and that too having his Lord at the prime suspect.

Suddenly he saw Lord turn on to his serious mode his eyes turning form normal to an intense look as he continued to see a frown on Antonio's forehead and with ni change of expression said " I had to take a break though it's night I wondered who was standing besides the bushes (though he stood long way away form the scene but he is a primitive as we know and has some advantages : strong smelling sense, a really nice vision owing to which he gazed upon the minute detail of the bush moving and that to not confusing it with an act of winds).As I approached the place I felt a swift breeze blew behind me and I stood my here with my eyes closed to wonder even though I knew there was a dead person lying and that to my sweet Weasly ( a smirk upon his lips). " Antonio raised his eyebrows as he continued further " and then I heard you also coming this way so I wondered why not to make this hysteric situation for some people( turning his gaze and looking towards Antonio's face) turn to a bit light one."

And out of shock and reflexes Antonio drew his sword out and stood in a fight mode just as he heard a slight commotion and to his utmost amaze there stood his Lord catching hold of a person with one hand as if it were a toy or something . It was just a fraction of seconds that it happened and Antonio was still calculating the situation just when he saw the Lord grin with a deadly look , horrific AF.

"So we meet again ,beloved" said Lord Damon . He raised his arm as if was just stretching his arm out of drowsiness without giving even a single crease of exertion on his face or masculine hands , as if there was nothing in his arms . He took the woman back to ground still catching hold of her neck and from the woman's expression anyone could make out that she was wiggling her body and smothering just to catch hold of breath and get herself released from the clutches of the devil himself which took hold of her. It was Weasly's old affair his ex mistress . "So, you were here hiding from the eyes of normal but how can you from hide away from the eyes of devil " he said in a really slaying way. " Now to bring it under your kind consideration that the person here you deal with is a devil in disguise of saint himself , a primitive you see " he tilted his one side of lip "How long can you hide from him when he could sense your aura in here how your heart is and was racing inside you chest and how you had took of hold of the opportunity to kill your ex and have a chance to hide yourself behind the bush next to me. Do I seem to you such a fool " his expression changed form an evil to one as if someone has challenged his power and valour " I could sense the change of air beside me as you swiflty went behind the bushes thinking I didn't catch hold of your movements in the bush and how your breathing movements changed as you tried to slow swirling the wind around you by the air gushing out of your mouth by placing your hand on your mouth ." The fascinating way in which he put forward the detail was not that took me to amaze as I knew it nothing was there that could hide from him, his eyes and his senses . It was extraordinary as the details upto this much level was the thing that kept him aside form the other pure-blooded and also his cousins and sibling. Couldn't make out why but he was really like one who had his eyes every where even behind his back as I'd he didn't even require an eye to know what was going around him be it behind front or even a long distance away .

He smiled to amaze the woman who stood there suffocating took her close to his gaze where she stood numb and motionless . For a moment Antonio wondered if she was dead but then loosing his grip she gasped for air and said " Mi- l-Lord I have--n-t" to which he murmured something and she stood still and then grew his fangs longer and he took her neck close to his mouth one hand clutching some loclsy of hair of her from behind as he devoured her neck till the last drop of blood , and then left the body to drop on the ground motionless. She was dead too.

"This is another kill that you have done Dam-- " just when Antonio was about to complete his sentence Damon turned his face towards him blood splashed over his white shirt with cuffed sleeves that fitted well on his masculine body showing off his muscles -biceps , as if stretched but it was his bulky musculature that anyone would confuse his hands to be tensed to show muscles but it was actually the normal way, cause if he did tense his hands it would tear the shirt off which was always stretched to its fullest. He was licking his fangs and said with a low grim voice " Wasn't that good to taste the stale food!" which took Antonio to a frown as to what is he to have no emotions rather killing a woman to feed upon who supposedly might have witnessed something which might help them solve the mystery if she and the Lord both hadn't killed Weasly.


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