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Hidden Marriage Sweet Pampering: The Conglomerate’s Little Wife
Author :Ayie97
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Gu Wei Wei shocked and look at the man, He want giving her a reward? "Grandma Fu already give it to me, she ask for help, and I owed a lot from her ." Grandma Fu was give place to live, and she left some pocket money. But she don't want only receiving her kindness, she always planned to pay it back, so when grandma asked if she could persuade Ming Zong Yuan, Wei Wei immediately try it.

Fu Han Xi: "Although my grandmother already give you reward, but you did help a lot, as long as it is not an expensive request, Fu Group can give it to you."

Gu Wei Wei. She indeed want the moneys. She is in a dilemma, She don't want take advantage, but, she is indeed very poor now.

Fu Shi Qin just bought the medicine and came back. He heard the two people talking and he sat down with a bowl porridge. He looked at Gu Wei Wei, and faced his brother. "Do you still need to ask, she certainly wants you."

Gu Wei Wei glanced at Fu Shi Qin. She didn't have such thoughts. But Fu Shi Qin did not look at her eyes at all, and only looked at Fu Han Xi.

"It's not your first time anyway, you already eating young grass, so it will be easy, right?" His brother is complicated, if a woman close to one meter, he say that woman is polluting the air he breathes. He don't realize it before, so he had searched so many beautiful women, but he was not interested at all. but, the most surprise part is he sleep with a monster face. He get some hit now, His brother like this girls.

Fu Han Xi glanced at Gu Wei Wei faintly, as if he was guessing whether she really wanted to ask for such request.

"Just give me the money, that game, when my grandfather buys it for five or six thousand dollars, you give me that price." Mu Wei Wei is the one that want him, but she is Gu Wei Wei now. She has no interest in him, and want to avoids him.

Fu Han Xi nodded. "Tomorrow Xu Qian will send it over."

Gu Wei Wei secretly sighed and saw that the porridge in his bowl already finished, so she politely, ask. "Do you want to… add a bowl?"

"Yeah." Fu Han Xi with soft voices.

Gu Wei Wei's mouth is pumping, she is really only act courtesy. She went to take a bowl for him, and waited for Fu Han Xi to finish it. She didn't eat enough, so she went to kitchen to cook a instant noodles. Fu Shi Qin shamelessly followed her. "You are stupid, is my brother not worth more than six thousands yuan"

Gu Wei Wei snorted while cooking noodles. "You used to tell me to stay away from your brother?"

"You look so scary at that time, If you appears beautiful like this, I won't stop you." Fu Shi Qin glanced at her from head to toe. With such a high value, how could she using makeup until become so scary. It was really amazing skills.

Gu Weiwei: "…" This world only look on faces!

Fu Shi Qin call a restaurant and buy some food, while eating he ask. "You crazy for my brother. Now, you have such a good opportunity, why don't ask him to give you a chance?"

Gu Wei Wei took a soup and made an analogy. "It's like when you see delicious food, you think it must be delicious. But you only know the taste after you it, and It's not very delicious at all"

Fu Shi Qin blinked. "So… my brother is not good?"

When two of them still talking, Fu Han Xi come out from the study room, and the atmosphere instantly become very intense.

Gu Wei Wei stunned for two seconds and explained it hurriedly. "I don't mean that, not that you are not good…"

Fu Han Xi calmly poured water and drank the medicine, and glanced over. "So is that delicious?"

"…" Gu Weiwei stunned. She is just a teenage girl, why is this conversation become more and more dirty?


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