Game Master's Dungeon
3 Chapter 3: A Fool
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Game Master's Dungeon
Author :RaysonYatco
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3 Chapter 3: A Fool

Some candidates decided to just use their given name for the username, of course I'm included. Regarding Krystal's username she just modified it to Crystal as for the others they used some words that might've sounded cool for a few people, like my username in a rpg game Anonymous, something like that.

He handed everyone a ticket. "Then everyone please fall in line in accordance to your ticket number." My ticket number was 28 surprisingly Krystal's number was somehow close to mine.

Then we entered the door one by one, we couldn't see anything on the inside. Then it was finally Krystal's turn, she looked at me and gave me a thumbs up, I also wished her luck by simply doing it back. Then after number 26 and 27 it was finally my turn.

Someone greeted me, it was a nurse, she was also wearing a nurse's pink uniform, it's hardly recognizable that she was a scientist but the labcoat suits her so it must be the scientist the Gamemaster was talking about. But anyway I held up my card that I chose for a reason and then I handed the card over to the scientist. She was somewhat shocked by my class choice, then she decided to speak.

"Are you sure about your class choice young man?" Out of the 27 candidates that had their chip installed yours is a first."

I don't know about her calling me a young man she seems fairly young or either she seems younger than me, then I answered with a confident tone. "Yes I'm fairly sure about my class choice."

"But young man you're supposed to kill each other you know? Who will you defend? It's best to just choose a offensive class than a defensive class that's practically suicide, you either have a plan or you're just plain stupid." She gave me advice, she was concerned about me, is the word concerned really true? It might be she just wanted the game to be more interesting. I was silent troughout her advice, but I was determined that the class I choosed was right, it was none other than the tank class. Why? I might've had a reason, it included me just supporting Krystal until she escaped this hellhole or winned this game or something like that.

Then I replied again with a determined voice and a confident tone. "Please I want to choose the Tank Class."

She sighed at me and replied. "Well it's your choice but don't regret it later okay?"

After that she gave up trying to convince me to get a offensive class. Then she installed the chip on the palm of my hand, I didn't feel any pain or any abnormalities with my hand, it's like a part of my body. After examining it for a bit she patted me and points at a room and told me I should proceed to that room.

I saw Krystal or rather Crystal now? It's because the Gamemaster forbade us to use our names or any other names other than our usernames. She was waving at me, I approached her, after greeting me she immediately asked what class I choosed, her eyes was curious it was somewhat sparkling.

Then I answered with a low voice. "It's the defensive class, it's the Tank Class." even though I answered it in a low voice everyone near Crystal and I, heard that, they were bewildered. Why? It was because they thought I was stupid we're trying to kill each other, why should someone who has a mind pick a defensive class, but I ignored them then I followed it up with. "Don't worry I have my reasons it's somehow related to you, anyway what did you pick?"

She blushed, she might've understand what I meant but she immediately replied. "It's the Magical Class" I can tell that she's worried about me, I feel it, she was looking at me like I was an abandoned puppy then I replied with something that would lift the atmosphere quite a bit.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." I smiled, it was forced my cheeks hurts because of that smile. Of course I was not that stupid to pick tank because it was my favorite class or whatnot, I knew the risk from being a tank, it's practically useless if you don't have a from one of the other class. But I knew Crystal wouldn't leave me alone, I was determined to use my body as a meat shield for Crystal.

After my chat with Crystal which took about half an hour candidates we're passing in front of us, until I noticed that all of the 36 candidates have assembled. We waited for a few moments for the Gamemaster to arrive per instructions by the maids, then he appeared out of nowhere. He immediately ordered us to group ourselves class wise. And as expected I was alone in the Tank group everyone was looking at me, some were mocking and some thinks I've gone mad, I was quite embarrassed, but I chose this myself, this class was specifically choosed to protect Crystal there's no turning back now. I noticed that the Physical class was a tad bit bigger in terms of candidates that were in that group, if the Muscular man was still somehow alive I think he might've joined the Physical group. Anyway meanwhile the magic side only had 16 candidates after observing the numbers the Gamemaster speaks.

"I will send you all tomorrow to the dungeon, so be sure to rest once you get back to your room. Anyway back to topic I will all send you to an area. I will group the Physical Class to the others that also choosed the Physical Class and the Magical Class to the others to the Magical Class, you can all either kill each other or work together and betray the others at a later date. Because we have an exception of a one Tank Class you will be sent to a Area away from the other Classes for a month, but you might still encounter them." I was about to make a retort to the statement he made that I will be alone at an area for a month, but he didn't stopped speaking, he might consider it rude of me to suddenly interfere with him while he was explaining, I was afraid that he might kill me, so I just stayed quiet. "You may kill the other candidates for a vast increase of levels, but beware everyone will know who killed whom or if a monster killed you. You may all work together for a month then be enemies at a later date it's your choice." I will not be able to protect Crystal and what's more I will be all alone, then the Gamemaster adviced us to read the guidebook carefully because it will be useful. Then he ordered us to go to our room because tomorrow is the day we will be sent to the Dungeon, but before I was about to exit with Crystal the Gamemaster called on to me. "The single person from the Tank Class should remain, I need to explain something to you first." I just looked at Crystal, she noticed my gaze and just decided to go to our room. I remained in the room, alone with the Gamemaster, I was nervous and scared at the same time. Then he started speaking. "The scientist installed a program in your chip that has information all about the Dungeon."

At first I was dumbfounded but I answered immediately. "Umm... Gamemaster with all due respect I thought the guide already has that function?"

"It does have that function, but yours is advanced, it lets you know everything from basic to advanced information." I was dumbfounded, did he marked me? Am I his favorite throughout this game? But let's not get carried away. So I asked him for the reason.

"Is there any reason you installed the program on my chip?"

"None whatsoever, just, it will make the game more interesting."

"If that's the reason then I sincerely thank you for the benefits. After a brief chat, before I was ordered to go to my room he gave me an order.

"Kid, don't let anyone know about the program."

"Of course if that's your command." I forced a smile, then I headed back to my room. As I was about to open the door Crystal greeted me right away, she was sweating, she was worried for me, I forced a smile to lift up the mood a little bit, then she speaks.

"What did you talk about with the Gamemaster?" I felt that she was genuinely worried for me. But I just replied with.

"It's confidential, don't worry." That response either worried her more or made her feel relieved. But either way we're both gonna discuss in what're we gonna do after this.

After a lenghty talk for about an hour we decided to settle down. I told Crystal that we need to sleep early, because we have a big day ahead of us. Although Crystal did slept early, I did not slept at all, it might be nervousness and fear that's making me feel awake, but it might be also because I can't protect Crystal for a month. It was a big downer for me because I picked the Tank Class for her. Then I murmured while I'm tucked up in bed. "Please Crystal be safe throughout this upcoming month in the Dungeon." I standed up and patted Crystal on the head while she was sleeping, then I sat at a chair in the corner of the room trying to make it up, to protect her just this night. Then morning comes, the big day everyone was waiting for, it came like a storm

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