G-Project Ultima
3 Chapter 1
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G-Project Ultima
Author :Ranzoku
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3 Chapter 1

-Unknown, 03:45pm-

Ryutaro struggled back to consciousness, vaguely aware of a beeping coming from his machine's sensors. Shaking his head, he could feel a slight throbbing in it, but as he regained awareness and looked himself over, he found that he had no real injuries anywhere. Well, apart from a bump to the head, apparently, he thought, wait a minute, I got a bump in my head? Wow, I never know they're adding this up.

Ryu was jarred from his thoughts as the beeping from his Gundam's sensors increased in both pace and volume. Checking them, he noticed that three vessels were approaching. Two were smaller than the other, about 130 meters in length, and looked like chisels with four boxy protrusions coming out of it diagonally. Missile pods by the looks of it, he thought. The larger vessel in between them was more robust, with a blocky structure and a point dividing the bow into two launch bays. The vessel was 250 meters in length. All three craft were bristling with weapons.

Ryu got relieved, because lookslike the server is still fine. But he still can't get through to the communication channel. Well, he just need to wait so they can forcefully log out him.

"Uhmm…??" Ryu looked out at the coming two frigate ship, they're moving to flanking positions on either side of him. The two frigate ship had launched four mobile armors each, while the central warship had launched fourteen. 'Is this one of those? A hidden mission/quest? They're moving into an attack position without even opening communications? What's up with these guys?' Zooming his main cameras in on one of the frigate ship, he noted that it appeared to be a small fighter-like ship. It had a delta shaped main fuselage, with bulky side pods with engines installed. Two forty millimeter machine guns framed the cockpit section, while slung below was a linear magnetic rail gun. The vessels all shared a dark violet color scheme.

The other side opened up an unencrypted communications channel. "Attention unknown mobile suit, you've been surround. There's no way to escaped. Surrender or die."

Wow, they're really work hard, this is seriously looks real. Before he could continue, another voice immediately got on the line. "I repeated!" it yelled, obviously male, "Surrender or Die you Coordinators!"

Coordinators? Ryu thought, are they using seed references for the npc script?

Ryu then checking his Gundam condition, he noted that everything is in good contidion. "Good," he said to himself, "Another warm up. Let's finish it up quickly"

Ryu then dispatch both of his GN-Sword, equipped in Ultima Rex hands. 'Activating Psycho-Frame and Trans-Am is overkill for this situation, and even though my body is okay, that doesn't mean my mind is not'. GN-Particle started enveloped the GN-Swords and Ryu charged forward.

Ryu started by slicing straight into half one of the mobile suit, he then attack the other mobile suits in a similar matter. Killing them quickly, not letting them for retaliate or attacking. Rail cannons filled the space around him, but to the Gundam pilot the attacks were easily avoidable. Ultima Rex then spreading out his wings maneuvered faster than its enemies could track, in no time Ryu finally disposed all the mobile suits.

However, the warships were still attacking, filling space around him with high explosive shells and missiles. Ryu just stand there, not even concern to dodge. What happens next was the explosive shells and missiles bump into each other and some gone far away from their target. "Sorry folks, but your missiles and all your tracking weapon is useless against me, as expect of Ahab Reactors" Ryu said with confident. "Let's end this, shall we." Ryu patch the GN-Swords back, and take off both of M2000GX High-Energy Long Range Beam Cannon on his backpack, equipping in both of his Gundam hands. Take aim and shoot towards one of the drake-class ship, completely destroying the ship. "Two more, and finally I can rest" he muttered.

Switching his attention to the other drake-class, Ryu then shoot down the ship, destroying it as well. He was about to get started on the main warship when a white flare shot up from it. "Eno..ghh.. rend..we…surr…eer…derr," heard a voice, most likely the ship's captain.

Ryu was about minimalize the GN particles output, so he can heard it clearly. But thinking it again, it was their fault. Why should he care about those NPC? "No one ever live to tell about Gundam, consider it your bad luck to encounter me" Ryu said.

"Deploying all the beam assault cannon, Multi Lock-on System, Full Burst Mode !!" Ryu blasted off the warship, destroying it.

Checking his own radar, Ryu saw that there was no other vessels. He saw what that left was only the debris of warship, he also noted his own position for the first time since he had waken up. He could see the Earth in the distance. Adjusting the zoom of his main cameras as much as he could, he noted several colony clusters, some of them looked like giant cigars that had been stuck into asteroids. Others in different locations had an hourglass shape to them, with large, disk-like shapes protruding from each side.

He sighed, thinking about of his situation. "Well, from what I saw, lookslike the server is based on seed universe. Let's looking around, I want to know how big the server they've made" Turning his attention towards the surrounding Ryu began to left the place.

Unknown to him, there's a lifepod not far away from the blasted main warship.

-Unknown. 06:25pm-

A few hours later, Ryu leaned back in his chair, looked tired. He take off his helmet, take a sip of water from his canteen, and sighed.

"I never know, if it's already this advanced. Can't believe it if they're already adding up the sense of hunger and thirst. Good things they're always pack up a water and a few snacks in capsule chamber". Ryu muttered

To think that he stuck in the server for 7 hours…

"As of right now," Ryu muttered, "ZAFT controls its own colonies at Lagrange Point Five, and has gained control of North Africa, Taiwan and some of mainland China, and Australia on Earth. Both sides now appear to be in a stalemate, at least on the ground." In space, however, it appeared that ZAFT had an advantage, primarily due to the GINN series mobile suit, which was the mainstay of the ZAFT space forces. Coordinators were the only ones in the Cosmic Era capable of piloting mobile suits, due to their enhanced mental capabilities and physical reflexes". As Ryu had remember

"That's if the server really made based of Seed Universe" he said.

However, Ryu had more important things to worry about that, although it still bothering did him. While Ultima Rex Ahab reactors, GN-Drive would produce an unlimited supply of energy, it would not be able to give Ryu food, water and, most importantly, oxygen. I don't want to imagine what's going to happen to me in the real life if I was going to die here. He had seen the paramaters for oxygen it's enough for the next 4 days, but he would eventually have to find a place to resupply. Also, it would have to be nearby, and the only groups in the general area at the moment were, unfortunately, ZAFT and Earth Alliance units. Ryu would have preferred to go to Orb, a neutral nation, that's if the server is big enough.

Unfortunately for Ryu, he would have to choose a side in the conflict, at least temporarily until they're fixing the server problem. While the actions of both nations left him with decidedly mixed feelings, particularly their actions at the start of the conflict, joining one or the other would give him access to all the materials he would need in order to survive for the immediate future, and would give him somewhere to get some much needed rest and plan his next move at least.

"My best choice would be the Earth Forces," Ryu murmured. Although ZAFT had superiority in space, the Earth Alliance still controlled the majority of the planet, which meant that they had access to the most resources. Also, the fact that he was a Natural who could pilot a mobile suit might rub some Coordinators the wrong way. Even though they're just npc, but pretty sure, they're the same arrogant as the real ones.

"But the question is, where should I go? Heliopolis Colony? Beside I don't even know if that place still existed, It would be a good thing if I encounter the battle between Archangel and ZAFT".

Ryu leaned forward, did some typing, and pulled up a the maps of the Earth Sphere file on the main screen.

"Well, Ultima Rex," Ryu said, the wings then spreading out, "I really hope my luck stats is high, let's move." As the Gundam speeding up, and GN-Particle being dispersed. Soon it was at maximum acceleration, racing across the stars towards the rendezvous with destiny.


Lieutenant Murrue Ramius, commanding officer of the Earth Alliance battleship Archangel, was having a bad day. A beautiful woman in her mid-twenties, with long, flowing brown hair and gentle brown eyes, she let out a string of uncharacteristically vehement swear words. She braced herself against the arms of her command chair as the ship was rocked by another hit. Damn it, she thought, there're just too many of them.

ZAFT GINN series mobile suits, were all over the place, and the Archangel's close-in weapons couldn't handle that much. The massive white warship, at 420 meters in length, was truly an imposing sight even when it was swarmed by the enemy. It had a large central fuselage, above which towered the bridge, behind which were mounted row upon row of Helldart anti-air missile launchers. A broad wing ran under the main body, along with a U-shaped structure just aft of the bridge which came up into two tall fins, on which were mounted the Valiant Mk.8 Linear Cannons. Jutting out from the tail edge of the fins were two rounded-rectangle-like protrusions, which housed the warship's heavy missile launchers. From the front of the ship jutted two large leg-like structures, which housed both the linear catapults for launching mobile suits and the vessels incredibly powerful Lohengrin Positron Cannons. The ship was coated in thick Laminated Armor, designed to not only withstand physical rounds and missiles but also disperse and reduce the power of beam weapons.

However, for all her powerful weapons and tough armor, the Archangel was taking a pounding. The Gottfried Heavy Beam Cannons, mounted at the joints of where the 'legs' of the two pronged bow attached to the central part of the ship, were spewing out emerald death, though they couldn't fire the heavy Lohengrin Positron Cannons at the end of the 'bows' due to the risk of hitting their allies. The close-in-weapons were sending forth steady streams of 75 millimeter shells, but the GINNs were highly maneuverable, and only a few were hit by the barrage. Lieutenant Mu La Flaga in his advanced mobile armor, the Moebius Zero, was doing his best, several of the machines had already fallen to his linear cannon and four wire-guided gun pods, but he was just overwhelmed by the enemy's numbers. Kira Yamato, the young Coordinator who had volunteered to pilot the Strike in order to protect his friends aboard the warship, was similarly engaged with two of the stolen GAT-X series machines now being wielded by ZAFT, the Aegis and the Blitz. The blue and white machine was strong, but it was outnumbered, and its pilot was an inexperienced teenager. The other two stolen machines, the Duel and the Buster, were savaging what remained of the vanguard sent by the 8th fleet that was supposed to be their escort. In the distance up ahead of the fighting were ZAFT warships, an azure Nazca-class destroyer, shaped like a bird with up-turned wings, flanked by five green T-shaped Laurasia-class frigates, hanging back like sharks waiting to strike a large wounded whale.

As if that weren't enough, she fumed, now I have another mess to deal with. Before the battle had begun, while they were in the Junius Seven debris field scrounging for supplies, Kira had recovered a small life pod with a teenage girl inside, she was none other than Lacus Clyne, daughter of PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Siegel Clyne.

Now she had been brought to the bridge by Flay Allster, the red-headed daughter of Alliance Vice-Foreign Minister George Allster, the girl was in a state of near-panic, shouting that they should use Lacus as a hostage in order to get ZAFT to withdraw. This was in stark contrast to Lacus herself. The lovely pink haired girl was a picture of calm and grace, hands clasped in front of her. Clad in a simple white dress, her light-blue eyes expressed nothing but pity for the girl who was trying to use her as a bargaining chip.

Murrue didn't have time for this. We're being shot to pieces, she thought.

"Incoming GINNs dead ahead!" shouted the radar operator.

Murrue looked up towards the main viewport, where indeed the two suits had made it past the ship's point defenses.

"No…" she whispered, "It can't end here." As the two machines leveled their weapons at the ship's upraised bridge, it seemed as if all was lost. However, just before they could fire, red light beam pierced through them, causing the GINNs and several others that in the line to destroyed.

"Radar," she yelled, "where did that come from?!"

The man at the post responded, "I don't know, the radar can't identified where it come from !!"

"What did you say!! there's no way it come from nothing !! Search throughfully!!" Murrue snapped, she really need to rest.

The man once again at the post responded, "Confirmed an Unidentified craft at three o'clock!"

"On screen!" She ordered

A mobile suit with the colour mostly white, there's sword attached at both of the shoulders. each of the hands equipped with cannon beam riffle. Suddenly the head of mobile suit looked toward their side, as if know if he was been monitored.
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    《G-Project Ultima》