G-Project Ultima
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G-Project Ultima
Author :Ranzoku
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1 Chapter 0

This is the story of my daily life, a 'normal' highschool student in his last year, at least that's what I want to believe.

-Home, ryutaro's room 07:02am-

The Alarm clock rang… and rang… and rang.

"Ummnng…" The boy laid in bed, obviously still too tired to lift his arm to shut off the alarm clock next to his bed. However, he still have enough energy to roll over from his stomach to his back. His eyes slowly opened, as the boy took in the sights around him. He blinked several times, adjusting to the light that come from the window of his room, it was morning, and he is currently still in his bed. He turned his head to the alarm clock that still ringing, and his eyes widened.

"Oh shi..." It was currently 7:05am, twenty five minutes before the school started. He is going to be late. The boy leaped out of the bed, his energy increased several times from what it was before.

"Shit, shit, shit…" He hastily threw off the clothes he was currently wear, which was quickly replaced with his school uniform, a black blazer with golden buttons, black pants, and a white collared shirt.

The boy rushed to his bathroom that conveniently located right next to his own room. He looked into the mirror, and splashed water on his face. Water dripped down his face, which was quickly wiped off with a towel. The boy looked at himself in the mirror. His fair skin well matched his blue eyes and black hair. He grabbed one of the disposable toothbrushes from the jar on the counter, and rushed downstairs. He popped the toothbrush in his mouth, and began scrubbing hastily, making sure to get all his teeth clean. The boy rushed into the kitchen, greeted by his mother.

"Good morning little dragon." His mother spoke with a smile.

"Morning mom, heading out, see ya!" He quickly said, before rinsing out his mouth, clearing any gunk that may have been pulled out from brushing.

"Have a good day." She waved, with a smile on her face.

Ryutaro dashed out of the house, sprinting full-speed to his school. Little did he remember that he forgot his lunch box.

Ryutaro pulled out the phone from his pocket, and checked the time. "7:14…" He thought.

"I can make it…"

-School Building B: Class 3-B, 7:28 am-

"I… Made it!" Ryutaro huffed, he stood still at the door class. Try to steadying up his breathing. When he want to step into the classroom, a cough was heard from behind him.

"Congratulations Ryutaro, but can you please step in. I'm afraid the class can't begun itself if I'm not going inside to start it." A familiar voice spoke up.

"Tch, just how shameless can you be oldman, I'll not come this late if you can control yourself in our spar last night. I Just sprinted here all the way from home, and my muscle is still ache you know." Ryutaro said without looking back and continue step into classroom

Kanzaki sensei, teacher of Math. One of teacher that friendly towards his students. He also the school advisor of kendo club, a fine martial arts and a good partner sparring of Ryutaro.

Ryutaro walked over to his desk, and continue to his dreamland.

-12.01 am-

"Okay, class dismissed. And class representative, please wake up that sleeping dragon, it's not healthy if he skip his lunch". Kanzaki walk over to step out from the class, back to the teacher office.

"Oi, dude wake up,class already finished." An energetic voice spoke up.

"uhmm..." Ryu replied lazily to renji.

Renji was tall, 178cm, had a little tanned skin, short red spiky hair , and deep blue eyes. His body was athletic, intelligence? he is average. He wants to become a pro basketball player. Well shortly he was a good musclehead.

"Ryu, did you see the new season Gundam Iron-Blooded episode last night?" Hikaru came over to his desk and asked.

"Huh? Oh, yeah, it was pretty good !! I was in the middle of building one of my new Gunplas." Ryutaro said with sparkling eyes

"Uhmm, you have to let me see it." Hikaru sat down on the empty chair next to ryu desk.

"…Well it's not finished yet, and I left it at my house." Ryutaro said dejectly.

"If I may know, what's the Gunpla you made this time?" Hikaru asked while adjusting his glasses.

"…Unicorn, Unicorn Gundam" Ryutaro said reluctantly, showing the image of his unfinished Gunpla Unicorn in his smartphone.

"Wow dude, that's pretty sweet there." Renji complimented on the image of the Gunpla. "You know, for how good you're at building, nah..i'll say how freak you're when building a custome Gunpla. I don't see why you haven't applied for the school's Gunpla Battle team."

"Me? Pilot a Gunpla? Well, never thought about it before…" Ryutaro scratched the back of his head.

"Dude, let's go to a hobby shop after school and search for a parts that you want to add up to your Gunpla at home." Renji gave a friendly pat on the back to Ryutaro.

Ryutaro, hesitant to answer, looked to Hikaru, and he nodded while adjusting his glasses.

"You can come to my uncle Hobby's Shop, you know." Hikaru said

"Alright, then it's decided." Renji said with a smile on his face."Ohh, btw let's eat our lunch, I'm afraid we don't have enough time".

Ryu chuckle a little bit knowing how expressive renji was, at least that's until he open his bag, checking his lunch box that he forgot to bring in.

"Oh, shi…" Ryu can't finished his words because he was too tired and already unconsious.

-Hobby's Shop-

"Yo ryu, what's your favorite gundam series?" Renji asked while looking around the shelf that full of many MS from different series.

"uhm, I don't have any specific one, but unicorn and wing is the series that I like so far."

"For a beginner at least you know some stuff. If you ever said seed or seed destiny, I'm gonna blacklist your existence from this universe" Hikaru said while adjusting his glasses (imagine midoriya from kuroko no basketball)

"Oi !! what's wrong with seed/seed destiny series !! Freedom have a nuke dude!! And with jesus kira yamato being the pilot, they're unstoppable !!" Renji

"Mongrel, I'm not comparing the firepower or powerhouse the gundam had. I'm stating that the story of seed/seed destiny is sucks" Hikaru

"Wha..!! the fuck you said !! there's plot in the story!! The.."

"There're many BL story about kira and athrun, even the doujins is too many that I wanna puke. And there's circle that made galge about them!!!" Hikaru said while shivering

"AArgghhh…!! This is because of you renji!! Because of you I remember something that I absolutely don't want to remember !!!" without thinking, Hikaru jump off to renji

"Oi!! The fuck you doing hikaru!! Oi, don't strangle me..Oii where're you touching idiot..Ahhnn, no!! get away, get away from me…"

*thwack* *thwack*

"I really hope you guys can control your hormone a little, my shop is a hooby's shop not a love hotel" The owner even made a deveilish grin. "well, it's not like I'm not apreciacite your effort to make my shop is more popular"

"Kyaa.." There're even girls that taken the photo about them, and some others busy typing on theirs smartphone. Okay, those girls really gave a bad feeling, really those fujoshi. Ryutaro thought

"We're really sorry" Hikaru and Renji said in unison.

Okay, just ignore them. let's start to ..uhmm? what's this? Barbatos? But it seems different.

"Ahh..you caught interest at those huh" The Owner that was hikaru's uncle walked to Ryu place.

"This is barbatos, right? A custom build? I never know if the official launch this type yet".

"ahh, you see. That's not from official, it was a custom build made from inner cycle. Lookslike I forgot if I left it there. Uhhmm? What is it boy?" The man asked with smile while eyeing ryu.

"Can I bought it? I want to make my own gunpla that base from barbatos"

"Hoo..did you take interest in this piece ?uhmm, very well you can take it, make it powerful as you like it". His smile widened

"Then, can you also bring me the gunpla on this list ?" Ryu said as he bring a paper that list the gundam that he needed.

"uhmm, let's see OO Qan[T] Seven Sword, ZGMF X42S Destiny, ZGMF X20A Strike Freeedom". "Uhmm, okay just give me a minute, I'll be back. Ahh, in the mean time, you can sight seeing in the accecories parts. Maybe there'll be a pack that caught your interest? We've got some nice delivery yesterday." The man said with an amusement expression.

Ryutaro grinned. "Thank you very much"

The Man walked to the shelves, looking for the requested kits. "…Alright, here you go." He handed the stack of boxes to Ryu.

"Do I need to pay, uncle?" Ryu asked with puppy eyes

"Consider it on the house this time, I'm expecting great things from my vip customer. Just make sure you tell everyone where you got your Gunpla from when you become Regional Champion, alright? Bwahahaha!" He let out a hearty laugh at the end.

"Okay,Thanks." Ryu gave a slightly nod and turn his head to his two friends

"Oi, I'll be back home now. I'll let you guys know when my Gunpla is finished!!" Ryu waved his hand to hikaru and renji side, and walk out from the shop.

"Dude, did he just ditch us?" Renji asked while blinking several times

"Maybe, but at least our effort to make him play as a fighter instead of builder is pay off, right?" Hikaru tried to adjust his glasses, but stopped with renji's hand.

"Oy stop it, what's wrong with the way you adjust your glasses, it's weird".

Both of them continue to stare at each other eyes. Unknown to them, several girls that happenly on the store already fainted with red face and blood coming out from their nose.

"Ohh, youth…" The man said while shaking his head, thinking of how much disaster rather than the fortune that they bought upon to his small hobby's shop.

-Ryu's room, 01:00 am-

"…Finally it's done!!" Ryu announced, as he stretched out.

"Hmm? It's already this late?" Ryu look to alarm clock next his bed.

"Alright, tomorrow is going to be a good day." Ryu spoke, as he collapsed to his bed, and fell asleep, exhausted from building his Gunpla.

-Hobby Shop, 06:25 am-

It was cold and slightly dark outside. Ryu woke up early and get into hikaru's uncle Hobby shop to test out his new Gunpla. He walked to the front entrance, but it was still locked. He peeked inside, pressing his face close to the door. The lights were on. He knocked the door, hoping the owner will notice it. After a few minutes, the Man, the owner of the store came to the door, with a mug of hot chocolate.

"Oh, it's just you ryu, how can I help you so early in the morning?" He asked, while drinking a mouthful of his hot chocolate.

"I finished it!" Ryu said with a beaming smile on his face.


"Err…are you okay uncle?" Ryu asked worried

The Man quickly wipe off his mouth. "I'm okay. Well, come on in and let me see your Gunpla on action!" He motioned Ryu to enter. They entered the store, and Ryu placed his backpack on the front counter. He pulled out his new Gunpla. The man whistled at the sight. The Gunpla was quite large, its complex weapons pack most likely covering the majority of the weight. "I must agree with hikaru, you're a freak when do a custum building Gunpla." " A rip off of nuke weapon strike freedom, not only that, you even pack the twin GN drive and the sword too." "Wait a minute? Is that a psycho frame from unicorn ?!!?" He looked at it and take a deep breath. "It's good. Let's test it out, shall we?" The owner motioned him to enter the stage.

"Yess!!" Ryu said with sparling eyes.
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    《G-Project Ultima》