From The Shadows
2 Win Some, Lose Some
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From The Shadows
Author :NoTalent
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2 Win Some, Lose Some

I woke up with a start. My head was pounding so hard it felt as if I had drank years' worth of alcohol in one night.

Then I realized that I'm alive.

I frantically started checking my body, there was not a single scratch anywhere. Everything was perfectly fine. Unless of course the body you're touching is not your own and is that of a mere ten year old.

What. The. Fuck is happening! Why am I ten years old?! And why dafuq is my skin so fair? WHERE AM -!

Calm down. Deep breaths.

Panicking will solve anything. Just examine yourself Raymond. Try to remember how you got here. As soon as I try to remember, unknown foreign memories start flashing in my brain.

I lie down back on the bed, trying to sort through the recent onslaught of memories on my brain. My name is Charles Raymond. An orphan living on an unnamed island on the east blue. My parents were killed by some pirates who attacked the village 3 years back. To sustain myself I went around fishing on my father's canoe at the sea. I barely caught enough to eat myself and sell a few at the market for my daily necessities. That was my routine till yesterday.

Yesterday I caught something other than just fish in my fishnet. A weird looking orange that was black in color of all things and had swirly patterns on it. Feeling curious I took a huge bite of it and immediately regretted my decision.

It was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted in my life! And that's rich coming from a young orphan who survives on stale fish. It was so bad I started retching and coughing loudly on my canoe and went towards the edge to vomit it out.

But unfortunately, I tripped on the edge and fell into the sea. Now that wouldn't be so terrifying, as I've lived half my life on the sea, but I soon realized that my body was completely petrified. I couldn't move at all. I started sinking towards the sea bed as I was choking due to the sea water entering my lungs.

At the end all I saw was darkness.

< --------------------------FTS--------------------------->

East Blue.


Weird fruits that taste disgusting.

A huge grin starts spreading across my face. I was in the world of One Fucking Piece! Oh the possibilities! There are no physical limits in this world. No restrictions. No one to answer to.

What should I do? Should I join the Straw Hat crew? Or should I create my own crew? I can aim for the title of Pirate King. Or I can just earn money by becoming a bounty hunter.

No wait. Calm down. I need to gather some more information before I make any decision. And right now I have a body of a 10 year old. I'll be flattened by any random pirate in a matter of seconds.

It irks me that I have to go about my training all over again. I was at the limit a physical body could reach in my past life. But since I know all the training exercises, I'll be able to build it all back up again. And since it's the One Piece world, I am sure I'll surpass my past limits.

First things first, I have to understand the timeline I am currently at. From the memories of this child, there is no Pirate King in this world. But Gol D. Roger is the most powerful man in the world right now. That must mean that I was reincarnated about 21-22 years before the canon. That gives me plenty of time to get stronger and form out any semblance of a plan.

I breathe a sigh of relief. This gives me the advantage. I can use the knowledge of the future to make things work in my way. Important characters, valuable information, hidden knowledge.

Yes. I can work with this.

Now that I have calmed down, my mind starts wondering how any of this is possible. I mean yes I have read about transmigrations and reincarnations happening in Novels, but this is real fucking life we are talking about. This should not be possible. Moreover it was way too smooth, no God or Goddess of any kind, no system notices, no messages from ROB, no limbo or void either. I just died there and woke up in this body. Let's just hope that's the end of it.

I did not get any cheats either but I did eat some kind of devil fruit before well, the boy did, but it's not like he is alive enough to say anything is he?

I just hope it's a devil fruit with a significant power because I just did get a serious enough weakness due to it.

Let's try it out. I sit on the bed and cross my legs on top of each other. Getting in the classic meditation pose, I start concentrating. As I focus within, I realize that there is some kind of energy present in my body. It felt volatile, dangerous. As if it wanted to rush out in all directions given a chance. It felt like….. Explosions.

My heart started palpitating in my chest. This…. This seems too good to be true. I vaguely remember my feelings when I was at the death's door. Did they somehow influence into creating such a possibility or is this all just coincidence?

I concentrate back on the energy within my body. What if… what if I let some this energy out? As I sat on the bed, I willed a tiny amount of the energy to get out of my body.

I felt euphoria as the energy rushed out of my body. I had never felt anything like this in my whole life. It felt as if I had a thousand orgasms at the same time. I sensed heat, pressure, sound and a myriad of other energies escaping my body. I wanted to savor this moment for a long time. But the high went down as soon as it had come.

And when I opened my eyes, all I could see was barren land. As far as my vision could go there was only rubble and ashes. I sat on the ground with my mouth gaping like a fish trying to breathe on land.

This changes things. The whole island along with the village was completely destroyed. If I had to guess the radius of the explosion, it was at least 20 kilometers! The total area targeted is half the size of New York City! And you know what the scary thing was? The effort I put into releasing the energy was so less, I actually think put more effort in trying to control the release and even then it was not much.

Access to such power gives me a lot of leeway. It seems I'll need to change my plans. I could not keep the grin off my face that threatened to bloom. This will be interesting. Though it makes me wonder. Did the fruit I ate was the bomb bomb fruit that Mr. Five had in the future or was it something else entirely? I'll need to conduct further research on this, but it'll have to wait. I had a much more important thing to worry about for now.

Like, I just destroyed a whole fucking island. This was bound to gain attention of either pirates or marines and to make things worse, the only village on this entire island was present where I am currently standing. Now I was stranded on an island, god knows where, on east blue with no idea where to go or how to. There was no harbor present on this island and any resources I could have used to build a boat was destroyed along with everything else.

I really need to start training in order to get this power under control. I don't want islands getting destroyed everywhere I go.

I have two options now. One, I can either figure out how to get away from this island as fast as possible and move. Two, I wait for either bunch of pirates or marines to come check out the cause and steal their ship and resources.

First one will keep me safe, but the question still remains, where will I go? And how. I don't have any maps with me. From the memories, I have never left the island before. If I chose a wrong direction I will just make things worse. I don't have any food and water with me to make any journey.

And while the second option may solve my earlier problems, it all depends on whether someone will even bother checking this island out. And it even carries the risk of a strong enemy coming along to check it out. Although I highly doubt it since this is one of the blues, the risk factor still remains.

Hmmmm… Yes, let's do it this way. I will stay on this island for 2 or 3 days and start training my powers and try to find a way to get out from this island. If anyone comes within this time period well and good, otherwise it's time to move on from here.

I stand up and start stretching my body after the longtime of inactivity.

"Let's get this party started, shall we?"


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