Forgotten in the abyss
2 Ring or Rock
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Forgotten in the abyss
Author :LuckyCharms
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2 Ring or Rock

As my father left I was pushed down from the cliff and fell straight to the abyss I was waiting for my impending doom but alas it never happened. Shocking as it was the rock that my father gave me started glowing as I stared to examine the glowing rock it started to shape as a ring and all of a sudden a voice was heard I recognize the voice as it was my fathers

"Kiara my love I'm sorry for framing you..."

Did I hear that correctly framing, my father framed me
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"I know you must be irate with me but kiara I did it for your own good.. you see I am not from the heavenly realm I am from a place called earth I was sucked into a worm hole and I arrived here I didn't know anyone yet your Mother saved me and helped me and gave me strength you may think I have betrayed her as I sent her away but till this day I still love her kiara I don't have much time left my enemies are on their way I sent you and your mother to the abyss because that's where the worm hole is my dear kiara the heavenly empire will collapse the day I die and my death is near kiara my love I will send you to earth and impart my knowledge and my ring to you please stay alive and grow up safely"

So my fathers impending doom is near as I thought of that my tears bursted out from my eyes and I made a vow on that day that I will rule the nine realms and reck havoc on his enemies

As I was pouring my heart out I picked the ring and looked at it and all

Of a sudden I was sucked in I was scared but the next second I was amazed inside the ring was so many piles of clothes,a house, a river, lush green grass and trees and so many spiritual flowers as I looked inside the house I found a black card with a note from my father [use this in earth when you are shopping my dear kiara it stores the money inside]

I was shocked because when father imparted me with his knowledge this card meant the highest grade card in the world that is unlimited

I put the card back on the table and slowly went to the garden and it was humongous I mean through out the garden were high grade herbs and so many spiritual vegetables and fruits

As I left the garden I went upstairs their were seven rooms in total I went to the master bedroom and it was filled with my favorite colors red and gold I knelt down and stared crying for hours I knelt there and imagined the live I lived prior to this and I stared to notice that i smelled so now I have to take a bath


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