12 Sun is my garbage pi
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Author :RoyalChaosDragon
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12 Sun is my garbage pi

Half of the area was in wreckage as the ice hulk seem to be out of control. Even though that Chris manage to find the cause of the zombies. By fully using Enhance intelligence an quick thinking he overlook the whole cause of the change. The Ice hulk seem to emit continuous radiation with ice properties. This cause the people at ground zero to change and infect other with radiation. The ice hulk presence alone fuel the zombies to move but if the Hulk was dead and body dispose of the radiation will stop.

(But I need to hurry.) Chris said as he put down the final file he was holding.


"What the hell is going on there." Chris mutter as he. flash outside. A little beyond the lab Two things were fighting. A fighter helicopter was shooting heat modified bombs and bullet dealing more heat related damage.

Natasha could be seen doing the shooting.

Suddenly a black portal appear beside Chris.

"Chris what going on here." Raven ask as she left the portal and saw the disaster outside.

Chris quickly explain the situation slightly shocking Raven

"Need help " Raven ask after some thought.

" No not really just don't show your self or Fury will learn one of your abilities." Chris sad as he ran at full speed toward the ice hulk.

With a flying fist Chris send the ice hulk flying in a building.

"Hey Natasha remember the hulk. Assume he as strong as him but have additional ice attacks. " As Chris said that a bunch of Ice spears tried to screwer him but the ice broke.

The man jump from the building and send a punch toward Chris.

Chris quickly dodge the attack and send him a punch to his stomach making him bend over in pain.

(You have died huh.) Chris thought. He blurred and pick up the ice hulk.

"Hi will right back" he said with a smile as he blasted into the sky. It only took him a couple minute to leave earth atmosphere.

( where I drop you. Oh that good too.) Chris thought as he flew at full speed toward the Sun. Because of environmental adaptation he could breathe in space. At insane speed Chris reach a couple mile away from the sun.

He threw ice hulk toward the Sun and dust off his hand.

"Well that good and all but.." he said as he look at his naked body. His clothes couldn't handle the heat from the sun and burn away.

Chris flew toward earth unbeknownst to him that ice hulk he threw didn't reach the sun.

It took awhile to enter back earth atmosphere as a big ball of fire.

He crash landed some where in the Pacific ocean. After going a couple mile under water in swam toward the surface. He quickly flew back to London and change his clothes.

He wore a long sleeve black shirt and black pants. By the time he was in his room it seem the whole situation was handle as Raven was sleeping in his bed. Chris walk toward the bedroom window. Where he saw the ice melting and people being led toward the hospital.

Night soon pass and the incident was properly taken care of by SHEILD. Although Chris and his father had to stay in London for a week extra Chris didn't mind and enjoy his alone time with Raven.

Fury called during that time explaining to Chris what happen.

One of Chris father Ex worker was angry with him shutting down his lab. He wanted to get proof that the lab was important and quickly created an unstable serum with hulk DNA and the ice mutant DNA. He believe by using the hulk mutant DNA that can handle gama radiation he could control the mutant x DNA and he use the serum on himself. That lead to the incident.

Chris expected much and didn't give much talk about it.

Raven teleported back early while Chris followed his father back to Gorn city by plane.

(I really need a new suit. Maybe I could go to wakanda to get some metal)

Chris thought as he remembered about his destroyed suit.


"What should we do with this." a red skin man said as he stare at Ice Hulk in a life Pad.

Similar skin woman look at the creature. " Will use it as reference so we can better plan earth invasion. To think they have a being like that" She said as she remember the flying figure of Chris as he exit Earth.


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