9 I hate people
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Author :Lucia0223
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9 I hate people

We walked into the lunch court and there were a ton of people there were all kinds of people but I felt all of them staring at me I could feel there eyes on the back of my head just to get them to stop I turned around and winked I thought to myself I could get use to this I went and got lunch I got a whole bowl of chicken and rice me and my brothers sat down at a table and we ate until this idiot who looked a year older then me or two came up and put his arm around I was in shock and I heard my brother say "I would move or you might lose a limb" the guy laughing said "you want to try me whimp" I had enough I flipped him right the table and he slammed against the floor and started coughing I grinned and looked at everyone and said "dont touch me without my permission" everyone looked at me in shock i dropped my plate of food on him and told max and calub "it's time to go" everyone started to whisper behind us I didn't really care I didn't even get a close look at the guy all I knew was he was a big kid a pain in the ass if I say so myself he was part reptile was all I could catch max said "I'm surprised that is all you did I though he was gonna at least bleed" I replied "I don't want to scare them to much and we can count that as a practice round" the bell finally rang then I had P.E class next at least I didn't have to listen to a old person talk for two hours straight to my luck max and calub weren't in this class and guess who was the pretty boy from earlier this was going to be a great time
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