Bodyguard of the Goddess
15 of the black rose with thorns!
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Bodyguard of the Goddess
Author :Wanzz99
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15 of the black rose with thorns!

The woman in the black dress who walked in the step was about thirty years old, and there was a enchanting atmosphere that the man could not resist. The scarlet soft lips are like a red rose that is waiting to be released, making people crazy.

In fact, this charming woman who has harmed many men has a flower name that is contrary to her: black roses.

Her name is Liu Mei. I have slept a lot of big brothers in the rivers and lakes, and I have raised a lot of little white faces. Notorious on the road, but an awesome woman. Perhaps it was a big brother who had a couple with her overnight, and the majority of the brothers on the road respected her three points. Even the leader of a city bureau, the rumors were counted under the pomegranate skirt. For its use.

Regardless of the true and false rumors, Liu Mei is an undisputed legendary woman. At this moment, when she appeared at the negotiating table, how could Tang Ming not worry about the purpose of this trip?

As a new high-level management, Blue Heart is also clear about the legend of this woman. For her appearance, Blue Heart and Tang Ming were equally surprised, but as the best diplomats of New Austria. Her face was still calm, her soft eyes gradually condensed, and she got up and said, "Liu boss. What wind blows you?"

Blue Heart did not answer the other party's question positively, but took the initiative to attack and questioned the purpose of Liu Mei's trip, which was barely taking the initiative. However, she is very clear that since the other party has lifted Liu Mei's negotiations, it is naturally ironic that she will not give the final payment.

Liu Mei noodles with a smile on the opposite side of the blue heart, a full white snowy thigh, cocked Erlang legs. Then, her posture was elegant and the style of a lady smoke, like a lady. Meilu contains Chundao: "Indigo always said what you said, I am one of the shareholders of this bar. Who do I need to ask for it?"

After all, she smeared on the face of Tang Ming, and her face was red and her eyes were scattered. Instantly lost the ability to guard against.

Taking advantage of Tang Ming's unbearable reaction, the blue-eyed brow's brows rose slightly, and there was a slight confusion in the beauty: "When did Liu Boss become a shareholder of this bar? According to my understanding, the bar is invested by Liu Ye. When we talked about cooperation, it was also signed by Liu Ye. It seems that it has nothing to do with Liu Boss?"

The blue heart is soothing and soft, but the words are eloquent in the words.

In the face of the doubts of the negotiating master Blue Heart, Liu Mei smiled innocently, but Yu Guang's sneak peek at Xiao Zheng, who was burying his head and drinking and eating. He seemed to want to take A Zheng Ge in one fell swoop. However, Liu Mei's coquettish eyes did not receive Xiao Zheng's positive reaction. This is not too slow to say: "One month ago, Liu Ye gave up 51% of the shares of the bar to me. It can be said that I am now It is the biggest boss of this bar."

"I have heard that Liu Bo is a smart person. It seems that smart people will lose their foreheads." Blue heart is still friendly, but there is a touch of pity on the pretty face.

"How to say?" Liu Mei smiled charmingly.

"As everyone knows, the phantom has long been unable to make ends meet due to poor management, owing a large pile of foreign debts. Liu Boss bought shares at this time, did he pick up a hot potato?" Blue heart said calmly.

"If you make a business, you will have to pay. If you are a big executive of a big company, you won't understand this truth?" Liu Meijiao smiled.

"Since Liu boss can think so, I have to say something." Blue heart smiled and took the contract from the assistant and said. "There are several KTVs and bars in the name of Liu Ye, who owe us a total of 20 million in the new Olympics. I came here, mainly to find the Six Lords."

Liu Mei took over the contract and casually swept a few eyes and smiled: "The contract does say that there are still 20 million tails not returned. But as far as I know, the services such as design and decoration provided by your new Olympics have obvious defects. Even the impact It's the strategic direction of Liu Ye's business. Don't mention it, this bar alone, Xinao has not completely designed according to the requirements of Liu Ye. This has led to a huge loss in the operation of the bar. If I am six Master, not only will refuse to pay the final payment, but will also ask you for compensation."

What is the wicked first notice?

Liu Mei interpreted the wicked to the extreme.

The quality of the blue heart is excellent, and it has not been stimulated by the words of Liu Mei. Just a smile: "Liu boss. I don't know why Liu Ye will ask you to come out. But I hope you know that Pearl is a city ruled by law. When a legitimate company is infringed on its interests, it can seek legal advice. At the legal level, what you said is not completely designed according to the requirements of Liu Ye. We have a special designer to answer your questions, including the design you mentioned affecting the business of the bar. I think there is a little business. The minds of the people will not attribute the mismanagement to this absurd reason."

Liu Meijiao smiled and said: "Blue total. You have already mentioned the business status of the phantom. Just enough to make four words can fully explain the current situation of the bar. You think that in this case, it is a wise to recover the last payment from Liuye. Choice?"

"The situation of the phantom is not related to our new Olympics. We have provided services for Liu Ye, and it is a matter of course to get rewards." Blue heart smiled.

"But your behavior makes Liu Ye very unhappy." Liu Mei smiled and said. "Six Ye has made it clear that the last paragraph is not given. But it is not now."

"When was that?" Blue heart frowned.

"When the phantoms start to make a profit, Liu Ye will give you the final settlement in installments." Liu Mei calmly said.

"Excuse me," said the blue heart calmly. "With the current state of operation of Phantom, closing is the most sensible choice. If you continue to operate, you will lose more."

"Blue, you are insulting my IQ?" Liu Mei's face was cold and unpleasant.

"I just explain the facts." Blue heart is not humble.

"I have already reached the words." Liu Mei is indifferent. "As for what you want to do. It has nothing to do with Liu Ye."

Blue Heart never imagined that Liu Mei would be so unreasonable, and lost time. She is indeed a new Austrian diplomat in Tang Mingkou, and is very strategic in business negotiations. But now she is not a serious businessman, but a woman with a black background. She knows that Liu Ye's reason for Liu Mei's appearance is that the woman's foundation is not clean and she is bold enough to do things.

Let a legitimate diplomat dispatched by a legitimate company negotiate with a big sister on the road. From the beginning, the new Olympics lost.

Liu Mei sees the blue heart hesitating, and he is soft and hard. "Blue total. You also know that our Liuye's business is doing a lot. How can you miss this little money? After all, you still don't understand the character of Liu Ye. So I am offended by Liu Ye. But you can rest assured that I have already greeted Liu Ye, and there are projects that make money in the future, I will definitely give you new Olympics. But if you really want to tear the face for this little money, I am going to You promise that you will not get a penny, you will also smash your sign and cause unnecessary trouble."

At the end of the day, Liu Mei is not simply persuasion. But the red-naked threat!

Who is the black rose?

The big character of Jianghu's big sister. Even the big brothers who saw the big brothers will see her, and they will say hello. The younger brother who mixed in her hands said that there were also hundreds of people. Threatened by this figure of the rivers and lakes, Blue Heart has a higher education, and even a woman who has been struggling to kill an ant for several days can eat it.

what is this?

In order to repay the debt, the ** forces are directly threatened. And to clarify the stakes, and then the consequences will be conceited.

Don't say that the blue heart is a weak woman, even Tang Ming is shocked by the fierce power released by Liu Mei. It's a sigh that the two million estimates are hit, and it's impossible to come back.


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