A Teen For God
27 Acknowledgements
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A Teen For God
Author :SOS_Publications
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27 Acknowledgements

My utmost gratitude goes to the Greatest Omni Deity for keeping this dream in me all this while and eventually bringing it to reality. I'm happy that He decided to use me as the vessel for the exhibition of His word to teens. The words in this book are breathed by Him and not my carnal mind; therefore I'm all the more thankful.
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To Engr. Andrew Adzenda Adzege & Mrs. Shiga Adzege: Thank you Dad for your love and care. Mum, you are just amazing; you've taught me much about God and life. I am honoured God used you for my birth and grateful to Him for your amazing ability to mould me into what I am today.

Hemen & Ungwa, my beloved brothers, you are just God-sent to me. You always look out for the best for me; want the best for me even though you don't get the best. Your selfless attitude to me is just awesome. Thanks for making me realise I'm a stunner.

Who else would allow me use her laptop for one month at her detriment just to see that I fulfil my dream, other than my only sister in this world? Sewuese, this kind gesture alone is more than enough to be thankful for. Should I mention all your other kind deeds? I love you sis...

This goes to Doo'ember & Ngunan Adzege and Mbalumun Ayede for keeping me company and being the reasons for my periodical breaks throughout the process… after all, all work and no play makes Faeren a dull teen.

Su'eddie Agema, my editor and cousin, sincerely words alone can't express my gratitude to you towards your input to this book and my life as a whole. Thanks for helping me on my walk through life's way.

Thanks for always been there for me, reassuring my exuberance and constantly motivating me to accomplish this dream: Valentine Okocha.

And now to my friends…hmm, quite a long list it is: Gushiji Jimba, Namtor Abah, Melody Nuhu, Jessica Sombo, Maria Itodo, Gloria Otori, Faith Ibrahim, Sewuese Allagh, Hadassah Hussaini, Priscilla Fom, Rose Joshua, Bukola Adeyemi, Ajima Elayo, Faith Peters, Florence Odama, Emoseh Mbwara, Ayodeji Adeniji, Huntulo Stephen, Joshua Ocholi, Praise Emmanuel, Chineme Okeke- sincerely I can't thank you enough; y'all are just too wonderful. Your input towards the success of this book is immeasurable; I'm more than grateful.

Mrs M. Y. Adebesin (my Principal), I'd forever remain indebted to you for moulding me in the way of the Lord and teaching me to always aspire for greatness. Mr Danjuma Azachi, Mrs Omolara Oluwole, Mr Terungwa Kitto, Mr Oladipo Oladapo, Mrs Onome Ojo, Mrs Joy Orji, Mrs Nneka Nlem, Mr Vincent Nwankwo, Mrs Chinyere Egbuzobi & Mrs Ogbodo, thank you very much for your interest and support towards my life. Canaan High! School Staff, for guiding me in God's way each day of my stay there, I am indeed very grateful.

Uncle David Iordaah and Mrs Akpagher Joyce, you did me well by going through the rough MS and giving useful direction to make it better. God bless you very much.

I am also grateful to Grace So Amazing Foundation for the excerpts from The Word For Today used in this book. Several excerpts were used from writers such as John C. Maxwell, Joyce Meyer and others to enrich this book. I thank God for His grace on the lives of these ministers.

Finally, I say 'Thank you' to every teenager, whom without, this book would not have been necessary. Being at this stage is something great and I only hope that you enjoy what we would be sharing! Now, to every reader of this book, let the windows of Heaven rain blessings upon you and life be beautiful with you always. Amen.


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