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99 Percent Luck, 1 Percent Skill
Author :Kael01
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9 Promises

"My bad, I won't doubt you. My people might be doing something behind my back. No worries, Let's have a deal again some time."

After the phone call, the boss stepped out of his car.

Baldie and Dreadlocks ran to him like kids bullied by their enemies.

"Boss!, we're scammed!" Baldie exclaimed!

'Slap! Slap!' Baldie and Dreadlocks were both shocked but they don't forget to kneel for forgiveness!
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"Boss!, we're not lying!" Dreadlocks added.

"SHUT THE F@#& UP!, You stupid baldie and you rope haired cunt! Do you think they will scam us just for that amount of money? We've been transacting with them for so many years!"

"Boss, we're not lying! There's really nothing there, we're waiting there the whole time! We will never dare to slack off or to steal money from you!"

"So you're saying I'm wrong? I know you two will never do that or else you'll become dog food after I minced you into pieces!"

"Please don't! Boss. We promise that we'll do anything to find out what happened and whoever that culprit was, he will surely pay twice, I mean three folds!"

"Hmmm, Scram you scums! I'll give you a month or you'll do 100 transactions without any commission within this year!"

"Thank you Boss!"

The boss leave the hideout immediately. He seats at the backseat of his black SUV with a single character plate number after a big muscular driver opened the door for him.

'Whew' "We're lucky the boss isn't in bad mood or else we're dead already. I don't even know if our corpse will be intact."

"Shut up Baldie! We're really scammed but he doesn't even believed us. We might be bad guys but we're not liers!"

"Do you even hear yourself? You smoking weeds again? I still want to live, don't count me in if you want to die that badly!"

"It's not fair! I can't accept this!"

"Nothings fair and equal in this world! As long as there are rich and poor peoples, those who are rich will continue to become wealthier and those poor people will continue to suffer! So shut up and pull yourself together! We're in deep shit so we need to find a way out!"


Inside the park, the father and son duo looked for a secluded place. After some time, they've found a table and bench made of wood under a big lush tree and it was located in between a small lagoon and bushes that looks like a green wall. The table and bench is full of moss and algaes, the height of the grass is above the knees. There are no people around this area so Demitri decided to bury the bags of money and he only get 2 bundles of paper bills so that people won't be suspicious. He realised that the money wasn't accidentally thrown and he suspected that it was left by some people on purpose for someone. As per the movies and stories that he knew, there's only one possible reason. The money is for illegal purposes. He suddenly fell down on his knees and his face became pale as white as paper. They're in big trouble if someone found out that they took away the money that was meant for the people doing illegal things.

Boy saw his father's reaction, and he doesn't know what to do. "Papa, are you okay?"

"I'm fine son. We will always be fine ! I promise!" Demitri faked a smile so that Boy will not worry. He clenched his fist and stood up, he looked back to the small hump of soil under the table where he buried the money bags.

'I promise will give my son a good life and I will protect him whatever happens.' He hardened his resolve and he made a straight face.

"Let's go and find something to eat and buy something later. You might be hungry from our long travels"

"Sure, I really want to eat delicious foods! To be honest, I'm starting to miss Mama but I'm grown up now so I can't cry and I need to get used to it. I promise will become a strong, brave and reliable Son!" Boy tapped his chest twice and he flexed his arm.

Demitri now showed his true smile. He was touched by his son's silly promise. He carried his son and ride their way out of the park.


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