9 Nether World
4 Feng Jiu“er
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9 Nether World
Author :NetherSwipe
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4 Feng Jiu“er

Under the watchful gaze of everyone in the hall, Fang Lin walked upto Luo Hengsha and clasped his hands and bowed towards Elder Feng, "Fang Lin greets Elder Feng".

Elder Feng scanned Fang Lin once with his Spiritual sense and then nodded. Elder Feng waved his hands and a mild energy of Qi wrapped up Fang Lin and Elder Feng took him away.

Everyone in the hall was stunned.

Instructor Kong's jaw dropped that it was almost hitting the floor.

While Instructor Luo had a proud expression on his face.

Xuo Mu and Xue Ji were blankly staring at the position where Fang Lin had left.

Elder Feng led Fang Lin to the top of a mountain peak, where there was a magnificent Palace. He led Fang Lin inside and went straight to one of the room. Elder Feng touched his ring and took out a paper talisman and crushed it.

After 30 seconds passed, a very beautiful girl in a red skin tight dress entered the hall in which Elder Feng and Fang Lin were in. She looked about 18 years of age, who had a youthful charm around her. Her charm captivated even Fang Lin. Elder Feng smiled when that beautiful girl came in and Fang Lin was staring at the girl. She was so beautiful that Fang Lin subconsciously gulped down his saliva.

When that girl saw this, she looked towards Fang Lin and stared at him coldly. Fang Lin, when he saw that he was being rude, lowered his head.

The beautiful girl in red opened her mouth, "Grandpa....Why did you call me?"

Fang Lin thought that this girl was the grand daughter of this Elder Feng and maybe a high ranking disciple of Green Bamboo sect.

Elder Feng said, "Since you have arrived here, you will gradually get to know. This a new disciple from now on and has been picked up by Luo Hengsha" With that, he took out a crystal which was much smaller than the one Instructor Luo used for testing in the Mylan village. After taking out the crystal, held it in his hands and said, "Come in the front and touch the crystal, let me take a look at your attributes"

When the beautiful girl heard this, she was astounded! Because what she heard was 'Attributes' and not 'Attribute', which meant that this kid has more than one attribute.

It was very rare for people having more than one attribute.

Having one attribute, means people can cultivate in it and progress gradually.

Having two attributes was very rare and a very few people in the sect had it.

Having three attributes is like finding a Phoenix feather or a Qilin horn. There would only be a handful of people in the whole of Planet Chun Li.

And having 4 attributes is totally unheard of!

Fang Lin took a deep breath and went. He placed his hands on the crystal.

Elder Feng watched carefully without blinking.

While the beautiful girl stared the Crystal with her Phoenix like eyes.

The crystal then glowed a second before it stopped, and it revealed 3 colors.

The beautiful girl was shocked and blurted, "Level 5 Light attribute, Level 5 Dark attribute, and level 4 Wind attribute..."

Even Elder Feng, who had heard about it from Instructor Luo was still shocked when he saw the scene that was happening infront of him.

The beautiful girl snapped out and asked, "Grandpa, how....how is this possible! Light and Dark never co-exist....but...but...And there is even the Wind attribute" The beautiful was barely able to maintain her calm. She subconsciously looked at Fang Lin who was staring at the crystal.

Elder Feng laughed out loud and said, "Even I have never seen or heard something like this. Light and Dark are the types of opposite attribute in nature. They never co exist and what is happening now, even I wouldn't have believed if I had not seen it with my own eyes."

Elder Feng and the girl was not talking secretively, so Fang Lin was able to hear everything! The room was tightly shut, so only they 3 were able to hear or see what's happening in the room. When Fang Lin heard, even he was a little shocked, although he had seen it before.

Thinking about this he went back to when Instructor Luo was looking after the trail in the village and when he accidentally sent in his spiritual sense into the crystal and saw the shining grey wink in between the Wind attribute.

Here, with the presence of Elder Feng and the girl watching him, he didn't dare to send out his spiritual sense inside the crystal.

Suddenly Elder Feng snapped out of it and said, "Jiu'er, make sure this will be kept a secret. I will assign him to the Rising Phoenix Mountain when he breaks through the Qi Transformation stage. Till then you will look after him. I will be going to the examination hall and registering his name. He can enter the outer disciple quarters for now without any trial." With that, he turned towards Fang Lin and said, "Fang Lin, make sure you keep that a secret and you should not disclose your attributes to anyone. If any of them asks what your attributes are, just tell them about your level 4 Wind attribute."

Fang Lin when he heard this said, "This junior will always keep this in mind."

With that, Elder Feng said, "Alright...I'll be leaving for now." With that, Elder Feng disappeared.

Fang Lin and Feng Jiu'er were alone in the hall.

Feng Jiu'er looked at Fang Lin and there was a slight teasing curve on her face.

She opened her mouth and said with a smile, "Follow me", and then she turned around and started walking out of the hall.

Fang Lin when he saw that smile was really entranced for a second and followed behind her. Looking around this palace, it was indeed beautiful, he thought. He had never seen a palace before, so when he saw one, he was astonished.

Fang Lin when following Feng Jiu'er, saw that graceful curves and that pert buttocks from behind and kept staring at them once in a while.

Feng Jiu'er was walking neither slow nor fast. After walking for a log period of time. They came down the mountain together and there they saw Elder Feng looking at them and had a faint smile on his face.

Elder Feng tossed a token to Feng Jiu'er and said, "I'll be leaving for now. I will leave this kid in your hands." With that said, he just disappeared from the place he was standing.

Feng Jiu'er took the token and passed it on to Fang Lin and said, "This is the outer sect disciple token. With this token, you can stay at the outer sect and cultivate."

She then swiped her ring and took out a manual and a blue stone. She then tossed it to Fang Lin and said, "This is a spirit stone that will help you enter the Qi conjunction stage. Make sure you use this well and don't waste any of the spiritual energy inside the stone.This is the Qi Condensing manual. Practice hard. If you have any doubts, you can come to Rising Phoenix Mountain and look for me."

With that, she turned around and starting walking.

Suddenly Fang Lin thought of something and called out, "Big sister...."

Feng Jiu'er who heard this, suddenly stopped in her tracks and then turned around. She coldly glared at him and said in a calm tone but indifferently, "Who is your big sister? Call me Fairy Feng."

Fang Lin who was about to speak, suddenly swallowed the words in his mouth and closed it.

Feng Jiu'er who saw this, frowned and said, "Speak".

Fang Lin hesitated and asked, "I wanted to ask about the people who came from my village. Whether they are selected or.."

Before he could finish speaking, Feng Jiu'er interrupted saying, "Instructor Luo stays in outer sect instructor's quarters. You can look for him there and ask about your friends."

Fang Lin when heard this said, "Thank you.... Fairy..Feng."

Fang Lin when calling a Fairy to this big sister like girl, suddenly became awkward and thought, 'She indeed looks like a fairy.'

When Feng Jiu'er heard this, she didn't bother and turned around and flew away towards the Rising Phoenix mountain. Fang Lin looked at the niche and smooth curves one last time and then looked at then token in his hands. The token was star shaped and on the front it was written Fang Lin and on the back it was written, 'Outer disciple 53579'.

Fang Lin started walking towards the outer sect. He asked a nearby disciple and came to know that the number 53579 was the room number that he will be going to stay in. With that, he walked towards the room number 53579.

Feng Jiu'er who flew far, suddenly looked down towards the outer sect and had a faint smile on her face. With that she said, "Interesting" in a tone that only she could hear and flew off.

Fang Lin walk up to the room 53579. It nearly took him 1 hour and it was already morning, and the sun would be rising anytime soon.

Fang Lin held the token in his hands and went up the the room 53579. He opened the door and there was dust covered everywhere.

He started cleaning the room and after a few minutes after cleaning, he laid down on the Bamboo bed.


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